30% Discount on all courses!

30% Discount on all courses!

30% Discount on all courses!

Firstly, we as a team have decided to be a part of Dubai’s  amazing Shopping Festival .

We and are giving all our customers the opportunity to come and learn with us and join one of our 13 Make Up Courses  but with a massive discount of 30%.

Secondly, if you just want to learn the basics of make up application from the very beginning starting.

Thirdly, with the basics of foundation to smokey eye application. The best products too, Kryolan.


30% Discount on all courses!
Best makeup school Dubai

Lastly, We have advanced course for even the trained make up artist, we have master classes in blending, Arabic Make up, Bridal Make Up, Glamour Make Up and may more

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All in all I am certain you will find the perfect course for you. 

However, if there is anything you need we don’t advertise get in touch. 

Online Makeup Courses

We care now also launching an online portal where you can book our courses online. 

basically anything you need we have. 

We will upload truly professional videos in many languages also. 


English, Freanch, Italian, Urdu, Punjabi and many more. 


Once AI is out then we wont need to but you can also book a one to one with our makeup artists. 


It will also be a portal for online library of makeup artists for weddings, shoots basically anything. 

Moreover, we are opening it up to everyone. Not just makeup Artists but also: 


hairdressers, micro blading, lashes. Basically anything to do with beauty. 

Its in design stage just now but seriously it is going to be amazing. 


We are all very very excited about this new venture. 

If you want to get involved of course call us to discuss together with your ideas on +971 (0) 52 83 4964. 


We are open always. 

More tips and tricks for Smokey eyes

Tips and tricks:

  1. Make sure you apply makeup on  clean skin. This is VERY IMPORTANT. The makeup will look flawless and fresh on a clean and moisturized skin.
  2. For an even look use a cream foundation and apply it in layers.
  3. Make sure to correct the undertones with the right corrector colour, if the undertones are more into purple we have a warm type, correct it with yellow corrector but if its more bluish we have a cool undertone and will correct it with the peach corrector.
  4. For heavy contouring and highlighting use cream products because they are easy to blend.
  5. Always set your foundation with a translucent powder because it will give you a flawless matt look and will hold your makeup.
  6. Make sure that your eyebrows are plucked and shaped.
  7. For a natural but defined look use eye shadows to fill up your eyebrows.
  8. When working with cream textures on the face and eyes make sure that the foundation and corrector are perfectly blended no creases on the lid.
  9. Apply the base eye shadow evenly on the lid.
  10. Before starting with dark eye shadows apply translucent powder under the eyes to avoid smudges on the skin.
  11. When applying the eye shadows make sure that you are using the right brushes and try to get the perfect transition between the colours.
  12. Apply the micro pigments in layers and carefully
  13. For cleaning the small smudges around the eyes always use dry cotton buds never make them wet because you will ruin the makeup.
  14. Make sure that you are applying the mascara from the roots of the lashes to get the full volume effect.
  15. For an extra glamour look apply high lighter on the apples of the cheeks
  16. To make your lipstick lasting much longer apply foundation on the lips and set it with a translucent powder. Use lip liner to define and correct your lips. For the ultra gloss and shine apply micro pigments on the center of the lips.






Tips and Tricks for Smokey Eye Look.

Steps :

Step 1- Cleansing – we are using the LAQUA tonic

Step 2- For a healthy glowing, dewy skin will use the Kryolan Vitacolor foundation and blend it with a sponge.

Step 3-IMG_1073bbb Our models undertones are warm to correct it will use a yellow corrector.

Step 4- Contouring and highlighting with Kryolan Supracolors.

Step 5- Set the foundation with white translucent powder.

Step 6 Define and fill in the eyebrows with dark brown eye shadow.

Step 7- Apply a base colour on the entire eyelid.

Step 8- Contour the upper lash line with black eye shadow

Step 9- For a perfect smokey look smudge the contours with dark brown eye shadow and define the crease lineStep 10 Apply a white gold highlighter under the eyebrows

Step 11- Define the bottom lash line with black eye shadow and smudge it

Step 12- For the absolute glamorous look apply micro pigments on the lid

Step 13-  Mascara on the bottom lash line

Step 14 – Apply the blush and highlighter

Step 15 – Lipstick application


Smokey Eye Course, last few places starting on the 10th January 6-9pm, 30% Discount

Come on ladies there are a couple of places left on this course which starts tomorrow!! 30% discount so NOT AED2500 –but now ONLY AED1750. Come and learn how to apply your own make up and look the like a professional artist creates your look everyday and dazzle your friends. Smokey eyes can be enhanced many different ways. All different colours, shapes and enhancements. We will teach you the simplicity to design your look from soft and subtle to “Meow Wow” dramatic.


Images from our student doing Smokey Eye off the Gold Make Up Course.

Our wonderful model, Amy Jordan having her dramatic smokey eye make up done by our student on The Gold Make Up Course.  Sum Toe started only a few days ago an has already got to grips with the Kryolan products. In our opinion and after trailing many make up brands we decided on Kryolan. It is the best product for coverage, blending and for ease of use once you understand the texture.

Com and join our classes with amazing 30% discount off with any of our 13 courses available.  Call us on 05 283 49964