Beach Photoshoot at YH

Beach Photoshoot Shoot at YH 

Beach Photoshoot at YH

Following the success of YH Studios Photo Studio, Yasmin Hussain had personal VIP Shoots available for you. Different from a standard shoot these are VIP appointments.

Furthermore, remember you are amazing and deserve the best. Hence you will call Yasmin at YH Studios Photo Studio.

Equally important is that Yasmin will listen to you. First thing to remember is that we are there to give you everything that you need and want.

For instance, we can try and divulge all your inner thoughts by establishing what your dreams are. Likewise, we can advise you too.

For fear that we will not deliver what you want, well don’t because we will.

However, if you feel more comfortable coming in beforehand for a consultation, this will be for free.

For that reason we will deliver all your dreams.

For the most part we will vary your shoot to give you wide opportunities. Compared to all other studios we are simply the best.

How to make your dreams with Yasmin Hussain

Firstly, drop us an email or phone call.

Secondly, Arrange the clothes that you need for your shoot

Thirdly, get your legs waxed and other parts

Lastly, put aside 4-5 hours and get ready and willing.

You can check for example the VIP Shoots on our website:

However, we bring our makeup team on the location to do touch up and fixing the hairs to look nice in the photoshoots.

we have professional team for many different kind of makeup.
Book your shoot and makeup services with us


Everyone should have one at least once in their lifetime.

You can call us on 05283 49964.

We are located in The One Tower, Suite 2901 Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE, “The Lipstick Make Up Institute and YH Studios”.