Who We Are


Our MD is is Our Creative director – Yasmin Hussain, originally from the UK.

The Lipstick Make Up Institute was created to represent the connection between Media and Make Up in a stylish, fashionable and unique way. Our students have an amazing advantage of receiving a foundation to build careers as creative and unique make up artists.

The Lipstick Make Up Institute provides and presents a unique and different way of teaching. Why different? The course plan itself is a summary of 25 years of experience a mixture of different techniques that have been tried, corrected and redefined. We not only want to show to our students the different and most effective application techniques but also want to educate them to be precise, quick and practical to gain and maximise their experience and confidence in the industry.

Students leave our make up school not only with the qualifications to work in the industry but with enough experience and confidence to work within any Media Production company or solely as freelancers. One major bonus, which will give students a great advantage, is be being part of an environment and atmosphere of a professional working photography studio. Once they step out of the classroom and into the media industry they will have the confidence to work in any situation, as these surroundings are familiar. Our students also have the unique opportunity to frequently assist a professional photographer in the studio environment on model portfolios, corporate shoots, family shoots etc and every scenario that studio environment offers.


All our students have the unique opportunity to work in our Global Award Winning Studio every time they do a look on the models. This way they get to learn just how makeup should look and be applied for Media Makeup. Photography makeup is so different to daily makeup. We are a Fashion Photography Studio so the courses we offer are exciting and get our students free flowing creativity  at its peak.

We are affiliated and supported completely by Kryolan, recognised as one of the highest professional make up brands one could wish for.

The Lipstick Make Up Institute’s main aim is to train and guide our students to the highest level to be professional, practical, quick, flexible and precise in their job.


Meet Yasmin

Director of YH Studios

A photographer from the UK who has 25 years experience in the industry. She has been managing studios and training staff for most of her career. She also has worked for many magazines in the UK and was the main photographer for Cotswold Style Magazine and The Cheltonian.

She started her chosen career at the age of 16 at college whilst studying for her A levels. Her passion and love of the medium took over her love for English and her career began. Photography was now in her blood and she has been grateful to her friends for introducing her to the world of cameras and photography. It is a decision that has taken her life on a path that so far has been an amazing journey with still so much to discover.

During her extensive career in media, Yasmin has trained her staff to understand that the two mediums of photography and make up work hand in hand and not only complement each other but for media are a necessity. Understanding the fundamentals of how each one works, results in a perfect combination of achievement. She came to Dubai in September 2012 and opened up a very successful photography studio in Media City. The studio offers the opportunity for the clients to have their hair and make up styled with every photo shoot by professionals and this concept has become extremely popular giving her the opportunity to expand and open up a media/make up school.


I did the makeup course at the studio and continue to do so as Liv is just amazing and makes one look amazingly naturally beautiful…As Audrey Hepburn says. The most important thing is to enjoy your life, look beautiful – To be happy is all what matters! After doing the makeup course this is so true @ YH Studios. Every time I have done the course and have my makeup done @ YH Studios every women comments and asks where have you done it? … Then I recommend them and have brought people to have the course done also…They make you look and feel a Million Dollars


I was fortunate that I had the chance to have a teacher like Liv who gave me 40 hours of private classes and a photographer like Yasmin who helped me to build my portfolio. They are a team of professionals. They created an atmosphere of comfort to each client and student while maintaining strong communication, positive motivation and continuous support. Make-up is Liv’s passion and it shows when she is teaching her students. Helping us embrace the spirit of innovation and creativity while learning a solid foundation skills. Her goal is to make each person feel self –confident and empowered. Liv’s work is herself expression – she inspires, encourage and bring out the true beauty of the people she is working with. Bringing experiences and influences from many cultures and styles to her work and teaching.


I had a good experience during my training with the Make-up artist Liv, I learned so many make-up tips such as contouring, how to apply foundation in each skin tone…How to apply liner for different eye shapes. Thank you Liv, it was a pleasure


I have done a self make-up course (private classes). I have really enjoyed the course and I’m so confident of my make-up skills. Liv is a wonderful professional make-up artist who uses both instructions and practice as teaching style. She is has a great knowledge and creative and always gives advices and comments to improve the look. The studio and the atmosphere were great to work in. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn make-up tips and wants to make the best of her look. Thanks


I enrolled in the YH Studios make-up course to enhance my make-up skills and learn new techniques. I worked with the fabulous Liv, who not only talked through products but offered great praise and advice to works I did. She taught me skin preparation techniques, methods of professional make-up like contouring, how to achieve different looks like day and night and also allowed me to showcase my talents. Liv was great to work with approachable and very supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and YH Studios. Thank you Liv for your hard work and YH Studios for their excellent provisions


Just finished my advanced make-up course with Liv Rideg…never did I met a makeup artist who is as professional and kind, always smiling and never hesitant to share all her knowledge and skills. Thanks a lot Liv, surely I’m going to miss you


Liv is an excellent teacher who knows her domain very well. She is patient with her students and teaches them exactly what they need. Liv is a creative person and helps others nurture their creativity in make-up. I am satisfied with my course and hope I can utilize the skills taught by Liv in my day of life


Taking the make-up course with Liv was one great experience as she is very pleasant and spontaneous, knowledgeable and experienced. What I liked the most is her willingness to share her experience with me. Liv is very supportive, she makes the things easy to understand and learn.


I really enjoyed the make-up courses. Livia is a true professional and a great teacher who is very talented, patient and fun. I learnt something new and interesting during every class a lot of tips and tricks and make-up application techniques that makes a huge difference


I started a makeup course with Liv and it was amazing, I learnt so much with her and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get into the make-up industry. Highly professional and organized learning, the best place for all make-up needs.


Working in the cosmetic field for so many years it was high time I learned how to apply make-up properly. The course at YH Studios is well worth it. I learned tips and techniques that have made a huge difference to me. The hands on instruction are the most beneficial. I enjoy every lesson and looking forward to taking more classes


Had an awesome time with the ladies and the best schooling ever! Livia is such a great artist and inspiration. Will highly recommend to anyone willing to take some makeup classes. You will not waste your money.