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Setting Powder Tips

Setting Powder Tips

Powder to Bake

Baking is one of our all-time fave makeup hacks. It involves applying a thick layer of loose setting powder on top of your cream complexion products. It’s typically done to brighten the undereye, but you can also bake your chin, nasolabial folds, and the center of your forehead to set your makeup – basically, any areas of your face where makeup tends to crease or is prone to oiliness. 

How to Bake: Dab a heavy layer of a loose setting powder onto areas you want to bake using a damp makeup sponge or powder puff. Allow the baking powder to sit on your skin for three to five minutes, then sweep off the excess with a loose fluffy brush. 

Setting Powder Tips

Use Setting Powder to Snatch

Now we’ve covered the baking basics, here’s the real baking tea. If you’re a TikToker, you’ll know what’s up *wink wink.* When placed strategically, a loose setting powder (in your brightening shade) can also be used to snatch the natural contours of your face for a more sculpted, lifted final look that lasts day to night. Literally, you don’t even need to contour!

Setting Powder Tips

First, apply your brightening concealer shade to the inner and outer corners of your undereye, and for an extra snatch, from the outer corner of your mouth in a line under your cheekbone. Once you’ve blended out your concealer, pack on your loose-setting powder using a damp sponge or powder puff. Wait three to five minutes, then dust off the excess powder using a fluffy brush

Control Oil With Setting Powder

If you have oily or combination skin and are prone to midday shine, setting powder will be your BFFL. Simply grab a loose or pressed powder and a large fluffy brush and dust your entire beat with a light coating of powder. 

Use Powder To Set Your Undereyes

Rather than baking, you can use setting powder to set your undereyes lightly. Dip a small round, medium-fluffy brush in powder, and lightly press the brush into your undereye. This will prevent creasing, brighten, and set, and complements a no-makeup makeup look more effortlessly.

Use Setting Powder on Your Lids

If you find your eyeshadow, or any other cream products on your lid, are prone to creasing, setting powder will (as per) save the day. All you need to do is take a small fluffy brush and dust your entire lid with setting powder after using cream products and before applying your eyeshadow.


Use Setting Powder on Your Pout

After applying matte lipstick, use a densely-packed flat brush, pack the translucent powder onto your lips, leave it to set for three to five minutes, then dust off the remaining powder. Finish by adding one final layer of color by dabbing the lip with lipstick

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Working with Hans Zimmer

Working with Hans Zimmer

Working with Hans Zimmer

Attending an event often calls for a touch of glamour, and who better to learn from than the renowned makeup artist,.

 To begin with, Hans emphasizes the importance of skin preparation. Before any makeup application, he recommends a thorough cleanse and moisturize routine.

All in all , this makes  surethe skin is hydrated and smooth.

Subsequently, a good primer is essential as it creates a flawless base for the makeup, making it last throughout the event.

Moreover, Hans has  for the use of a high-quality foundation that matches the skin tone perfectly.

From foundation to concealer, he suggests targeting areas that need extra coverage, such as under the eyes and around the nose. Next, to add dimension to the face,.

Hans employs contouring and showing  techniques.

he applies a matte bronzer under the cheekbones and jawline.

All in all while a shimmery highlighter is placed on the high points of the face.

Secondly, In addition, eye makeup is a focal point in Hans’s event makeup routine.

Thirdly, as well as starting  with a neutral eyeshadow base, then build  up  with darker shades on the outer corners for a smoky effect.

Lastly, Furthermore, he uses a gel eyeliner for a defined line, adding a touch of drama to the eyes.

However to complete the eye look, he puts s on mascara and often says use  false lashes for added volume and length.


 As a final step, he accentuates the lips with a bold color, choosing shades that complement the overall makeup look.

All in all, Hans Zimmer event makeup will make sure  that you stand out.

By following his tips and makes seamless changes.

Howeverer, between each step, anyone can achieve a stunning and cohesive look for any occasion.

Additionally, check out our website:

Working with Hans Zimmer
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Perfect The Mewy Makeup Look

Perfect The Mewy Makeup Look

If you’re not yet familiar with the newest makeup trend, then let us introduce you to ‘mewy’ – when your skin’s looking dewy AF in all the right places and perfectly mattified in others. 

1. Prep your skin: The key to perfecting this look is to prep your skin properly: start by cleansing, and then gently exfoliate. By exfoliating, you’ll give your skin a silky smooth base.

2. Prime: Possibly the most important product for this makeup look is a good primer. We like to use a mattifying primer on our T-zone and areas that we get oily, and a hydrating primer around our jawline and any areas our skin tends to be drier.

Perfect The Mewy Makeup Look

Perfect The Mewy Makeup Look

3. Airbrush your foundation: To ensure your base is perfectly blended, use a damp beauty sponge to gently pat your foundation on  you can combine your foundation with a drop of primer. To brighten your under eyes, use a satin finish concealer for a more fresh finish.

4. Use a cream highlighter: We’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as too much highlighter. But, when it comes to mewy makeup, it’s all about getting the balance just right. Lightly dab a cream highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones.

best makeup school

The Lipstick Makeup Institute


5. Bake Strategically: One of the easiest ways to avoid that midday shine is to bake. However, as you do want your T-zone to be as oil-free as possible, you can bake for a few minutes on the center of your forehand, on your smile lines, and on the center of your chin. Once the time is up, sweep off the remaining powder with a loose brush.

6. Blush up: For your cheeks, dab a little pink-toned cream blush to the apples of your cheeks where you’d naturally be flushed. A cream blush is perfect as it’s subtle yet hydrating, so you’ll get that mewy finish.

All in all Lipstick Makeup Institute in one of the leading makeup school in Dubai.


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Keep your party skin glowing all night

Keep your party skin glowing all night


The idea is to cleanse thoroughly before applying your make-up, so your complexion stays perfect for as long. Kick-off the process the day before, by drinking lots of non-alcoholic fluids. Drink plenty of water, tea, herbal or fruit infusions, and hydrate your skin with a suitable moisturizer. Before going to bed, apply a moisturizing mask with active ingredients that will deeply penetrate the skin. This Micro-essence contains Salicylic Acid which accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates to refine pores & skin texture. It has a watery texture that easily absorbs in your skin and hydrates it from within. And on the big day itself, start with a very light scrub; that exfoliates your skin and makes it glow naturally. Apply an eye contour product to reduce puffy eyelids and bags, leaving you looking wide-eyed and fresh-faced.

Keep your party skin glowing all night

Keep your party skin glowing all night

Prepare The Base

Begin with a moisturizer to plump up the skin and boost circulation for a natural rosy look. Apply a make-up base (firming, if necessary) that will set your makeup, smooth out pores and eliminate signs of tiredness. A corrective base or primer will even out your skin tone: try a purple tint if your complexion is dull, or green if you need to reduce redness. Now you’re ready for foundation. You only need a small amount: the more you blend it in, the longer it will last. Make sure your foundation matches the colour of your neck; and your cleavage. And for a lasting effect, opt for a mattifying or high-definition product.

Apply The Right Make-up

To brighten the skin, apply an illuminator under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, to the bridge of the nose and just above the chin. You can even gently shade under the cheekbones to highlight your bone structure. Top it off with a touch of blusher on the apples of the cheeks. Set your make-up by evenly applying a light coat of powder. And here’s a pro tip: mist your face, holding the spray 50cm away, to firmly fix your make-up.

Pair your glowing skin with an elegant shiny dress and make all head turns in your party all night long.

Above all now that you know the hacks to make your glow skin last longer.

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Why Choose The Lipstick Makeup Institute?

Why Choose The Lipstick Makeup Institute?

Why Choose The Lipstick Makeup Institute?

Once in a while you need to do something jus for you and no one else. 

Occasionally we recognize this and indulge ourselves;ves but trust me , it’s necessary. 

Ina. word, if you love make up then come to us so we can teach you all you need to know about makeup. 

In addition to learning you will just absolutely love it and thats why you should choose us at The Lipstick Makeup Institute in Dubai.

For this reason get your brushes prepared because that is all you will need for the whole course. Given that we supply all the makeup and models too. 

Important to realize it’s not just a course but will become your way of life. 

From time to time you might feel guilty because you are doing this for you but everyone will benefit. 

Nevertheless promise yourself to throw yourself into the course and you will get maximum befits. 

How to choose the right Course

Firstly, decide if you want to learn just for yourself or become a professional makeup artist

Secondly, make sure you have set aside enough time for you to attend all classes and dont miss any as each day is as important as the last. 

Thirdly, make sure you have a set of brushes, if not we can advise you of what to buy.

Lastly, Come with a clear head and start your journey with The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

Meanwhile, do your research and see if there is a certain makeup you want to learn or skill. 

Certainly we will focus on your particular areas.


Although the course covers many subjects certain students dont want to dwell on parts lice Special Effect for example. 


All in all the course is about learning and about you. 

Above all we look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a look at our website to get some ideas. 


makeup courses dubai
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Why Choose The Lipstick Makeup Institute?
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Best Way To Learn Makeup


Best Way To Learn Makeup

Best Way To Learn Makeup

Start With Basic Research:

Before diving into application, take some time to research the essentials.

For one thing, look for reputable makeup artists, beauty blogs, and YouTube channels.

After all, offering beginners tutorials and makeup tips only. Familiarize yourself with basic makeup products.

Understand their purposes and how they can enhance your features.

Best Way To Learn Makeup

Online Makeup Tutorials

The digital era has made learning makeup more accessible than ever. YouTube, Instagram,.

For instance, makeup blogs are rich sources of inspiration and valuable tips from pro makeup artists.

Online beauty lessons suit to all skill levels, fashions, and interests are now available to aspiring makeup.

From basic makeup tips to advance techniques like cut creases and winged eyeliner, there’s a tutorial for every look imaginable.

Furthermore, Many expert makeup artists now use social media sites like Instagram to display their talent through eye-catching photos and quick videos.

In contrast, cosmetics blogs include in-depth articles and step-by-step instructions.

that let students examine many facts of makeup artistry in great detail.

Understand Your Skin Tone And Type

Know your skin type is essential for choosing the right products. Check if you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, skin types.

Above all, select makeup products accordingly. A good skincare routine is also crucial as it provides a smooth canvas for cosmetic application.


Best Way To Learn Makeup

Learn Face Mapping And Contouring

all though understand your face shape and how to contour and highlight your features.

After all, contouring involves using a shade darker than your skin tone to create shadows .

Even so, define specific areas while highlighting uses a lighter shade of skin tones.

to bring attention to certain features.

Above ll, make sure to learn about fluffy brush, concealer brush, lip products, angled brush, brow powder, powder blush, shade lighter, setting powder, and full coverage of make-up.

makeup courses dubaiLearn Makeup

Create Your Makeup Portfolio

Because portfolio is very important start writing your makeup journey by creating a portfolio of your best looks.

Above all, take pictures to track your progress and showcase your skills.

A portfolio can also be useful when applying for makeup opportunities. 

Best Way To Learn Makeup

All in all Join Lipstick Makeup Institute and become a professional makeup artist and work with us on many different projects.

Feel free to call us any time or whatsapp us if you have any inquiry we love to help you and assist you +971 52 834 9964.

All in all for  more tips and tricks keep follow us stay tuned for next blog.

All in all we have our own Photo Studio with professional team the help you to make amazing portfolio of your work photos, trending reels.

Enroll Your Course only 6 seats in 1 class.

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However,  look forward to see you at The Lipstick Makeup Institute,.We will welcome you with open arms. Bring your friends too. 

Also, we are Top Leading Makeup School in Dubai, become a part of our special team after graduate The Creative Show team.

Self Makeup just for you

Self Makeup just for you

Self Makeup just for you

As a matter of fact makeup really is magic. As an illustration whenever you put makeup on you feel like a completely different person.

All in all makeup gives you confidence and makes you glow. 

However, as I said  many times before makeup is just magic. 

As soon as you start putting foundation on you feel the difference not just see it. As much as it is just a bit of paint it fills you with delight and makes you shine. 

First thing to remember is that you need to put the foundation on right

All in all,  you need to learn properly.  For one thing you need the best teacher to show you how. 

For fear that you will get it wrong then just book us at The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

Have a look at our website for ideas and to see all the teachers work from the students.

How can I get an appointment? 

Firstly, decide on the days that you are free.

Secondly, give us a call to discuss all your needs.

Thirdly. get your brushes clean and ready for action. 

Lastly, come and get ready to learn new skills and tips.

Both men and women are welcome at The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

All things considered, I believe we at The Lipstick Makeup Institute are the best in Dubai. 

All in all we are very personal and don’t have huge classes, we are small, very cool and educated. 

By all means check around all the schools but we are confident you will choose us. Coupled with experience and opportunity we are very high up there on the list. 

By the same time you can choose your days and hours as we are very flexible. 

By and large we are here. 

Call us on

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Self Makeup just for you
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Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Lipsticks have always been a must-have in every woman’s makeup kit. A well-applied lipstick can immediately brighten your face and add a pop of colour to your look. However, achieving an ideal pout can be tricky especially when you’re new to the game. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with some impressive lipstick hacks and tips to help you attain a long-lasting, fuller lip look.


Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


How to make the lipstick last longer?

It’s quite normal for most lipsticks to wear off within a few hours of you stepping out of the house. So, obviously the next question in your mind will be – how to make lipstick last longer? Here are some lipstick hacks and a step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to make your lipstick last longer.

1. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating your lips is the first step towards taking care of your lips and making your lipstick last longer. This is the most basic lipstick hack that will help you get rid of any dead skin cells accumulated on your lips. This will also give you a smooth base for your lipstick. Use a lip scrub and massage your lips gently and rinse it off.

2. Hydrate your lips

Moisturised and hydrated lips ensure that its glide smoothly and also last longer. Hydrated lips hold your lipstick better unlike dry lips, which easily flake off. Apply a lip balm few minutes before applying. Use this hack especially before using a matte liquid lipstick as dried and dehydrated lips will not hold for a longer time, and also make your lips look cracked and creased.

3. Use your concealer as a lip primer

This may seem like an unusual hack but applying a concealer as a lip primer does wonders. Use a concealer to draw a line around the corners of your lips. It works as a lip primer, preventing any spills or smudging around the edges. Your will last longer if there is less edge bleeding.

4. Always use a brush to apply lipstick

Applying a with a brush helps you control the amount you want to apply on your lips. You can distribute the evenly without having any product build-up. If you’re looking for an intense high pigmented lipstick that comes with a brush applicator, you can try the Les Macarons Infallible Ultra Matte Liquid that gives full coverage and lasts up to 16 hours.

5. Blot and powder your lips

This is yet another amazing hack you should definitely try if you haven’t already. Blot your lips with a tissue after applying, and then apply a light layer of translucent powder. This makes the last longer and helps set it. If you like liquid lipsticks, apply it as usual, let it dry for a while and then use this hack.


For More Tips n Hacks Keep Following or Join our institute for Makeup Courses


Make lips look bigger

Make lips look bigger

Make lips look bigger

 lips look

For lips look bigger

The trend of having fuller lips has been around for a while, and for a good reason! They can make you look more youthful and your pout more stunning. But getting lip surgeries isn’t a viable option for everyone. Wondering how to make the lips look bigger naturally without getting a surgery done? Here are some lip makeup tips to help you attain fuller lips:

1. Use a lip plumper

Lip plumper is a cosmetic product that helps boost blood flow to your lips, giving the impression that they are bigger. Look for a lip plumper that has natural ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, or peppermint oil.

2. Overline your lips

You may have noticed many celebrities use this lipstick hack of overlining the lips with a lip liner or lipstick to create an illusion of fuller lips. For this hack, use a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick and draw slightly away from your natural lips. Apply a lipstick and fill in the gap in between to give a fuller look.

3. Highlight your cupids bow

Highlighting your cupids bow is a smart lipstick hack to make your lips appear bigger and fuller. Use a highlighter or a shimmery eyeshadow to highlight the cupid’s bow above your lips.

4. Use a lip gloss to highlight your lips

Accordingly using a lip gloss may seem like a Y2K lipstick trend, but it does make your pout look fuller. Apply a lip gloss that matches your lipstick shade over your lipstick. This will draw attention to your as the shiny product picks up light and makes your look bigger.

5. Line with a concealer

As a results  Concealers not only help your lipstick longer but are also your answer to the question how to make your lips look bigger? This lipstick hack will enhance your lip makeup routine! Because use a small brush and apply concealer on the outer edge of your already over-lined lips. Your lips will pop and look fuller eventually as a matter of fact.

Above all now that you know the lipstick hacks to make your lipstick last longer and lips look bigger, choose a long-lasting lipstick that compliments your skin as a results. 

Lips look bigger

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Basically we are one of the best celebrity makeup school in Dubai.

Although we soon launch our online portal as well. 

Make lips look bigger

Choose Your Foundations

Choose Your Foundations

Choose Your Foundations For The Best Results This Season

Best ways to enhance your foundation to the season!


The foundation must be changed from season to season. Is it conceivable? The most straightforward response is no. However, the foundation you use in the winter is inappropriate for the season. It is preferable to have at least two distinct foundations for extreme cold and hot temperatures. Combining them will get the greatest results. .


The base is simple to match from season to season. If you’re looking for a solution to the question, “How can I alter my foundation from season to season?” you’ve come to the correct spot. Simply reading this post will provide you with the answers.


Make the base more watery


The most difficult challenge you confront is regulating moisture in your skin on sunny days. It is simple to incorporate a moisture-promoting chemical into the foundation.

To the foundation, add a few drops of your preferred moisturizer. You now have a foundation with a moisturizing and dewy finish. In chilly weather, the diluted moisture helps moisturize the skin.


Diluting foundation with moisturizer will allow your natural skin tone to shine through. In the summer, you may dilute the foundation with SPF. As a result, it will shield the skin from harmful UV rays.


Modify the application technique


To apply foundation, most individuals use their fingers, a sponge, or a brush. During a season change, there is a modest alteration in skin tone among sunscreen users. If you normally apply foundation with a brush, experiment with using your fingers. It only need a tiny amount of product. To blend out the foundation, use a wet sponge.

Choose your foundation

Using a little bit of foundation


The fashion industry is gravitating toward the no-makeup look. As a result, you must load on the foundation. When applying foundation, you may concentrate on the areas that need to be evened out. As a result, having a great appearance will be simple for you. It will also keep too many things off our shelves.


Choose Your Foundations & combine two colors of Foundations


Blend the foundation with a deeper color. Always remember that a darker foundation must be applied after a lighter one. Newer techniques combine two foundations of the same colour. After that combine the bright and dark foundations. It will provide you with a precise and superior foundation appearance while also improving your complexion.


Combine the foundation and bronzer


To make the light foundation more intense, combine it with some bronzer. It will provide the appearance of being sun-kissed while also deepening the shade. By applying it over the nose, chin, forehead, as well as cheeks, you can get a bronzer appearance for the entire face.




Foundations offers us a nice appearance. However, you must exercise caution while finding the best match for your skin tone. When applying foundation, it is critical to consider both your skin tone and undertone. You now understand how to alter your foundation from season to season.


Follow the ideas above to improve your appearance. Makeup generally not only includes only your face but also your hair, without proper hairdressing makeup will not finish. At last if you want a good hair course opt a hairdressing training at Lipstick Makeup Institute.

Choose Your Foundations

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