Launch Event with Lipstick


Launch Event with Lipstick

Launch Event with Lipstick, we would like to thank all our supporters from our Launch Event of The Lipstick Make Up Institute, Partner Company of YH Studios, which was held on the 13th October. We have so many thank.

All in all  our:

Zorona Djordjevic
Saif Akram
Mina Delic
Eleonora Rideg
Yasya Daryeva
Helena Kuznetcova
Tanya Bezmozgis Gromova

Make Up Artists
Sandra Sarieddine Najjar
Elcy Freiha

Our Goody bags were filled with quality products and we would just like to thank the listed for their wonderful contributions;
Jaguar Energy Drink
Kryolan UAE
Laqua of Switzerland
Hyaluron Filler, The anti Aging Skincare Drink
Johnrif of Dubai, Haute Couture Designer
Khaled and his Team of The Hair Lounge , Green Community

A Creative, Artistic collaboration…

Creative, Artistic collaboration of the 2 companies, YH Studios and The Lipstick Make Up  Institute.

We wanted to push the boundaries of Interest and Kryolan products.

FullSizeRender IMG_1328 IMG_1330 IMG_1331

We are really please with the results and will keep our blog updated so you can touch base with what we are doing in the studios.