Day Makeup Look 

Day Makeup Look 

Our students of the Platinum Course  are welcome from every age.

Firstly, they decided they need to learn to do their own makeup properly. Secondly ,they contacted us.  Thirdly, now they save so much money doing their own makeup.




Self Makeup

We split this course over two days. The first day we will teach how to use foundations and get a really good base. For a Flawless Look.

Once you learn hot to do this it’s easy. . By the end of the first day they have mastered it. Students feel a great sense of achievement. Please note that all products and models are provided by The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

The pictures and videos you can find on our Instagram & Facebook pages. 

Have a look, this is our MD, does she look good?

 Special Effects Halloween Makeup

The Lipstick Makeup Institute also have other options for you, if you are already know how to do your makeup and want to advance from The Self makeup Course

Bronze Makeup Course.

This course is for 3 days. Timing is from 10AM to 4PM.

 Makeup Scary Doll

Please feel free to contact us via phone call, email or WhatsApp because we are here for you. We’ll always advice you and we’ll find the best option  for you. 

Contact number & WhatsApp: +971 52 8497972

Stay tuned and follow our pages on Instagram and Facebook because You’ll find there videos, updates and grab some makeup tips.

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Next course starts on 9th of August.

With lots love your Lipstick Makeup Institute Team.