Bulgari Hotel with TLMI

9th of August, 2019, we had a client at Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Dubai. With our efforts to help our student practice their skills, we brought one of our students to the hotel. Our students have been taking the Platinum Makeup Course for 5 weeks now and they’re about to finish the course this week. 
Bulgari Hotel & Resorts
Bulgari Hotel & Resorts

We brought her for a photoshoot with one of our VIP Clients who came all the way from Malaysia for their Wedding Anniversary at the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. Together with the YH Studios Team and the Head Teacher of The Lipstick Makeup Institute, our student was able to create a glam look on the client.

For the past 5 weeks that she was with us, she has learned how to properly create a full look on different skin types, skin tones, and different eye shapes. We’ve given them tasks that would hone their skills for their upcoming career as a professional makeup artist. 

Platinum Makeup Student with Head Instructor at Bulgari Hotel
Platinum Makeup Student with Head Instructor at Bulgari Hotel

Platinum Makeup Student with our VIP Client
Platinum Makeup Student with our VIP Client

The past 5 weeks, they’ve been put in situations like professional photoshoots for magazines and fashion shows. In makeup, skills are not the only important thing but also character building and ethics and how you present yourself as a makeup artist on set. 

Photoshoot with our VIP Client at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts
Photoshoot with our VIP Client at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts

In Bulgari Hotels and Resorts with our VIP Clients, we were able to present our student to the guests as professional as possible. They were very happy with the results of the shoot and enjoyed the whole experience. 

As for our student, she has gained experience and confidence by working with real-life clients which is not available in other makeup institutes. Of course, it is with the guidance of our head teachers from The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

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Shapes of the Different Eyes – Part 2

Shapes of the Eye
Welcome back to the part 2 of different eye shapes. As discussed last time, the first thing we do when we are faced with a client is check their eye shapes. It’s very important to do this from the start so we, as makeup artists, would be able to create the correct eye makeup style right away.
Types of eye shapes:

Wide Set Eyes

To determine wide set eyes, look at the distance between the eyes and the nose. To do that, measure one of the eyes and estimate whether or not another eye can be put in between the eyes. If there is still some space that has to be filled in-between, that means your client has wide set eyes. 

To correct this, the method of makeup should be slightly darker from the inner corner. You can also draw a longer eyeliner tip in the inner corner to create the illusion that the eyes appear closer to each other. 

Close Set Eyes

This eye shape is the opposite of the prior shape. To identify it, estimate the space in between the eyes, if it’s less than one eye, then it’s considered as close set eyes. 

To correct this, keep all eye makeup on the outer corners of the eyes. This will make an illusion that the eyes are a bit farther apart. Avoid using dark eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes as it would make your client seem a bit cross-eyed.

Downturned Eyes

This shape is quite peculiar. Downturned-eyes look a bit sleepy as the outer corners are lower than the inner corner of the eyes. 

When you’re faced with this eye shape, try to put some slightly darker eyeshadow on the inner corner and lighter eyeshadow on the outer corner.

Asian Eyes

The outer corner of this eye shape is normally higher than the inner corner. 

In order to correct this, add more eyeshadow on the lower outer corner of the eyes to level the eyes to the inner corner.


Hooded Eyes

The most misunderstood eye shape. In my opinion, this is one of the most versatile eye shape because you can create your own lines with it. 

The most basic way of doing make up on these eyes is doing a smokey eye that is slightly higher on the middle or outer 3rd depending on the shape you want to create.

Hooded Eye Shapes
Hooded Eye Shapes

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It’s Official! We are now partners with AFW

It’s Official! We are now partners with the Arab Fashion Council and the primary sponsor of Arab Fashion Week in the makeup division. For the past 4 years, our team has been doing the makeup of the models for Arab Fashion Week. Together with our students, we create looks with the top designers in Dubai, China, Lebanon, the Philippines, Los Angeles, etc.

Today marks its first as our Head Instructor, Kris, and the Platinum Students spearhead the VVIP trunk show happening on the 5th of August 2019 at City Walk.

Grimas - our official makeup sponsor
Grimas – our official makeup sponsor
Our students working on these models for the first time at a fashion show

There, they are doing the makeup of 8 beautiful models, dressed in gorgeous gowns by top designers of the region. These are presented to the VVIP Guests from different parts of the world. 

This is the first of many private trunk shows to come and  we are so excited to be part of all of them. 

Enrolling to The Lipstick Makeup Institute not only helps you learn how to create makeup looks. We will make sure that you have all the exposure, work experience, and network that you can’t get anywhere else. We make sure our students are equipped with the skills they need to jump start their career even after they finish their course with us. 

The institute presents them different scenarios such as TV Shows, Editorial Photoshoots, Events, makeup booths, Runway Shows, and many more. This sets us apart from other makeup institutes in the region. 

We also let them discover their creativity and leadership skills by letting them run the whole show with and without our guidance. Our graduates do all the work and we’re so proud of them. 

Beautiful model done by one of our students
Beautiful model done by one of our students


So, come and join our team!