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Makeup Courses in Dubai

Makeup Courses in Dubai   Imagine being able to do the things you see on Instagram, Youtube and other social media platforms that’s makeup related.

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The Perfect Lips

The Perfect Lips : I remember not even that long ago having big full lips were a bad thing, you kind of became a target

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Wet Smokey Look

Wet Smokey Look Wet Smokey LookWet Smokey Look Is a perfect makeup look for photo shoots, high fashion looks and for fashion shows. Basically its

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Fantasy Makeup Look

FANTASY MAKEUP LOOK  Fantasy makeup is an extension of glamour makeup. Once you have mastered the essentials of glamour makeup, you are ready to take

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The Importance of Blusher

The Importance of  blusher Now ladies the blusher is important as any other makeup product or step of application Don’t leave it out because your

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