In love with the glamorous style

We all love that glamour its beautiful, bold and feminine.

Smokey eyes and red lips??? 10 years ago we would say oh no, you can’t have Smokey eyes with Red lips on. There was a rule before in makeup that if you are working with dark colours on your eyes the lips will be light and if you have a bold lipstick on you will go light with eyes.

Ladies we can tell you its not the case anymore.  One of the main style of the glamorous makeup is strong eyes and strong lips. If you know how to wear it and its clean and well blended just go for it.

On this picture we are showing a perfect example of this look black and brown smokey eyes with red lips. She looks gorgeous, classy and glamorous.



Fun And Games in the Institute! Get Your Groove on @The Lipstick Make Up Institute & Yh Studios!

A little video from behind the scenes at Lipstick & Yh Studios. Even our make Up artists gets involved. Our students and clients love it here. Come and join in the fun. Learn how to apply your own make up on our self application courses and have your photograph taken by our professional photographers at the same time. Have a little dance too if you like., just like our clients, Steph and Mady.

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Free Womens Day Demonstrations at Redington Gulf

We enjoyed giving the ladies  Free Tips and Tricks to make the best of their complections even for a busy day at office. Looking good always makes you feel great. Start with a good clean  face and putting on the correct foundation is the most important aspect of applying make up. Most of us are applying the wrong colour foundation. MOST Importantly, DO NOT test the foundation on your hand. You MUST test it on the face. The colour and skin on the hand is completely different.


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