In love with the glamorous style

In love with the glamorous style

We all love that glamour its beautiful, bold and feminine.

Smokey eyes and red lips??? 10 years ago we would say oh no, you can’t have Smokey eyes with Red lips on. There was a rule before in makeup that if you are working with dark colours on your eyes the lips will be light and if you have a bold lipstick on you will go light with eyes.

Ladies we can tell you its not the case anymore.  One of the main style of the glamorous makeup is strong eyes and strong lips. If you know how to wear it and its clean and well blended just go for it.

On this picture we are showing a perfect example of this look black and brown smokey eyes with red lips. She looks gorgeous, classy and glamorous.

In love with the glamorous style


In love with the glamorous style

Makeup for photography is very different from daily makeup. We are a Fashion Photography Studio so the courses we offer are exciting and get our students feel free to show creativity at its peak.

Our main aim is to train and guide. Our students to be professional, practical, quick and precise in their job.

All in all for  more tips and tricks keep follow us stay tuned for next blog.

All in all we have our own Photo Studio with professional team the help you to make amazing portfolio of your work photos, trending reels.

Enroll Your Course only 6 seats in 1 class.

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Basically we are one of the best celebrity makeup school in Dubai.

Although we soon launch our online portal as well. 

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However,  look forward to see you at The Lipstick Makeup Institute,.We will welcome you with open arms. Bring your friends too. 

Also, we are Top Leading Makeup School in Dubai, become a part of our special team after graduate The Creative Show team.

Fun And Games in the Institute

Fun And Games in the Institute

A little video from behind the scenes at Lipstick & Yh Studios. Even our make Up artists gets involved. Our students and clients love it here. Come and join in the fun. Learn how to apply your own make up on our self application courses and have your photograph taken by our professional photographers at the same time. Have a little dance too if you like., just like our clients, Steph and Mady.

Fun And Games in the Institute IMG_480862344-1 IMG_480862344-2 Fun And Games in the Institute IMG_480862344-5 IMG_480862344

Fun And Games in the Institute

Learn Face Mapping And Contouring

all though understand your face shape and how to contour and highlight your features.

After all, contouring involves using a shade darker than your skin tone to create shadows .

Even so, define specific areas while highlighting uses a lighter shade of skin tones.

to bring attention to certain features.

Above ll, make sure to learn about fluffy brush, concealer brush, lip products, angled brush, brow powder, powder blush, shade lighter, setting powder, and full coverage of make-up.

Online Makeup Tutorials

The digital era has made learning makeup more accessible than ever. YouTube, Instagram,.

For instance, makeup blogs are rich sources of inspiration and valuable tips from pro makeup artists.

Online beauty lessons suit to all skill levels, fashions, and interests are now available to aspiring makeup.

From basic makeup tips to advance techniques like cut creases and winged eyeliner, there’s a tutorial for every look imaginable.

Furthermore, Many expert makeup artists now use social media sites like Instagram to display their talent through eye-catching photos and quick videos.

In contrast, cosmetics blogs include in-depth articles and step-by-step instructions.

that let students examine many facts of makeup artistry in great detail.

Understand Your Skin Tone And Type

Know your skin type is essential for choosing the right products. Check if you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, skin types.

Above all, select makeup products accordingly. A good skincare routine is also crucial as it provides a smooth canvas for cosmetic application.

Fun And Games in the Institute

Special Effects Makeup Learning

Special Effects Makeup Learning


We love what we do here. The difference Special editing makes with Creative shoots. Enhances The Make up. Its a team effort. Our students on our courses get the chance to experience everything to do with make up and Photography and learn to understand the relationship between the two.

Special Effects Makeup Learning



Prosthetic makeup (also called Special make-up effects and FX prosthesis) is the process of using prosthetic sculpting,

moulding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects.

Prosthetic makeup revolutionised by John Chambers in such films as Planet of the Apes and Little Big Man.


The process of creating a prosthetic appliance begins with life casting, taking a mould of a body part (often the face) to use as a base for sculpting the prosthetic.

Life cast moulds made from prosthetic alginate or more recently, from skin-safe silicone rubber. This initial mould is relatively weak and flexible. A hard mother mould, typically made of plaster or fibreglass bandages its created overtop the initial mould to provide support.

Once negative mould made, its promptly fill with gypsum cement, most of the common brand is “Ultra cal -30 to make a “positive” mould. 

The edges of the clay should be as thin as possible, is a stand-in for what will eventually be the prosthetic piece.

Along the edges of the mould, “keys” or mould points are sculpt or carved into the life cast, to make sure that the two pieces of the mould will to together correctly.

After that once sculpting is complete a second mould. This gives two or more pieces of a mould a positive of the face, and one more negative mould pieces of the face with prosthetic sculpt in. Carefully removed and  material is cast into mould cavity. The prosthetic material can be foam latex, gelatin, silicone or other similar materials.

Its cured within the two part mould thus creating the beginning of a makeup effect.

One of the hardest parts of prosthetic make-up is keeping the edges as thin as possible. The tissue should be a thin so they are easy to blend and cover giving a flawless look.

The use of prosthetic makeup to create wounds or trauma is called moulage and is used by the military and medical schools to educate  lesson psychological trauma when exposed to the real thing.

Special Effects Makeup Learning

All in All we are the best school in Dubai

Because we are experts.

Free Womens Day Redington Gulf

Free Womens Day Redington Gulf

We enjoyed giving the ladies  Free Tips and Tricks to make the best of their complections even for a busy day at office. Looking good always makes you feel great. Start with a good clean  face and putting on the correct foundation is the most important aspect of applying make up. Most of us are applying the wrong colour foundation. MOST Importantly, DO NOT test the foundation on your hand. You MUST test it on the face. The colour and skin on the hand is completely different.

Free Womens Day Redington Gulf10294262_10153978359835789_7383859008263903837_n

12795352_10153978359865789_7804656223698286110_n 12814515_10153978359755789_3760032464515468719_n

Redington Gulf

Amazing Opportunity For Graduates

It’s an amazing three days of experience we did VIPs and VVIP’S.

Although this maybe true, we alway call our graduates to avail opportunities,



The best thing is our work published all over the world now. We are insta famous. 


Celebrity Makeup School


We were so proud to have been chosen amongst all the celebrity makeup schools in Dubai.

And Lipstick got the job because we are amazing.

Graduates At Work Biggest Gig

We are small but amazing The Lipstick Makeup Institute prides itself for attention to detail.

Free Womens Day Redington Gulf


The residents who come from all over the world will need hair and makeup.  This was great opportunity for me to employ our graduates and students to help. 

We had around 45 staff to prepare the residents for the gala dinner with Kylie Minogue. It was a a formal dress evening and very glamorous. 

Everyone who came and sat in the seats were extremely happy. We had no complaints.

Anyway, furthermore  it was a complete success for the team at

This was the case  as we got booked for The Atlantis Royal 3 day event which was HUGE. 

New Show Team

All in all we have now opened a new team therefore ready for any event. 

Free Womens Day Redington Gulf

This gives us the leverage to cover any event, wedding, parties, openings.

as a matter of fact any big event. 

get in touch with us on +971 52 83 49964