Behind The Scene Yasmin Hussain

Behind the scene Yasmin Hussain

The Lipstick Team are  ready to make the models of Stylocity Fashion Show on 13 Feb, 2016 at Gloria Hotel, SZR, Dubai. It’s one day fashion show in which 12 International designers are participating.

In this unique fashion evening attended by impressive list of international designers,

buyers, fashion lovers, TV re-presenters, celebrities, professional models and BPW Emirates members. During a show full of art, music and live performances. Dubai TV and Magazines writers are coming to this show.

During the shoot our team take some behind the scene Yasmin Hussain,


and award winning photographer .

as she always say Makeup is magic that can change everything she required during the shoots

Our graduates are always part of team as makeup artist for photoshoots.

During the fashion shows our team make sure about hygiene as they learn in diploma

its always a best experience for team to get portfolio with known models, designers makeup area is full with media team its exposure for our graduates

Learn makeup with lipstick makeup institute and be a part of team you always have a chance to work with clients fashion shows, and many more


MD Yasmin was interviewed today and expressed just how much she admires her team., “Its not just a job, its fun and we are a great unit!”

Liptsitck Makeup Institute

Makeup Diploma 3 Weeks

Makeup Diploma 3 Weeks

Platinum International Media Makeup Diploma 3 Weeks Course starting 12th December 2022

Ladies come and join the best International Media makeup course in Dubai. you will leave with an International Diploma that is recognized all over the world!

It’s 3 weeks of the most amazing, interesting, and creative techniques that you never thought existed. 12990 AED

You will also have the rare opportunity to work within TLMI’s sister company YH Studio, and you will leave with a full professional portfolio.This is a new and rare chance that is offer to individuals or groups who want to become the best makeup artists around.

At The Lipstick Makeup Institute, our teachers are simply the best. We also hire our ex graduates as they know how we work.

They also understand how students wantsMakeup Courses Dubai

Platinum Makeup Diploma Started 

Join our next diploma, don’t miss the chance its 3 week diploma you can learn many thing in this diploma while learning  you can work with us on our clients and practice on our models create different looks our sister company YH STUDIOS did professional photos for your portfolio so you get 5 high end photos after complete the diploma.

All our works can be seen on our Instagram & Facebook pages. 

How big our are classes?

Book now as our classes are small. You get all the attention on you! We have maximum 6 people. Its all about the teaching. Nothing else. We want you to learn and learn fast so our dedicated teachers are just that, dedicated. 


 We want you to get as much practice as possible. Practice makes perfect. Application is key at The Lipstick Makeup Institute. You will leave full of knowledge and. great portfolio. 


Platinum Makeup Diploma
Makeup Diploma

Bridal makeup Course 9 Hours

Bridal makeup Course 9 Hours

Bridal makeup Course 9 Hours at Lipstick

Bridal makeup Course 9 Hours
Makeup courses Dubai


Ladies come and join us for the Bridal Course application starting on the 16th February for 3 hours a day , 3 days 6-9pm.

Learn all you need to know with this informative course. Achieve the results you have always wanted.

Call us now to get your booked in, only a few places remaining.


Check out our work on +971 (0) 52 83 49964 and

Firstly, decide what kind of bridal look you want

Secondly, call us to discuss your individual needs

Thirdly, Book your date

Lastly, come and enjoy the course with us.

However, if you want to do more than one bridal you can. Moreover we are here to guide you and help. 

As a matter of fact, we have won so many awards for our service. Our classes are small but the best. We don’t over fill the classes with students, we are small. 

Our Awards

Global Awards however were very well deserved. 

Lipstick teachers are so committed to our students. They really want them to learn.

All in all  we love them. When they achieve its like a personal achievement for the school. 

Our models are chosen correctly for the students to reflect the look that they are doing. 

Makeup is in abundance and so many choices. 

Have a look at our website and see the works and what they achieve on a daily basis. I am so proud of teachers and all in all the students. 

However, they work really hard. Fully committed in the class and the studio.

All different shots are there from simple to creative. 

Look at the solid work they do and at YH Studios our sister company we take the photos. 

Its all included in the price. There are no hidden charges at The Lipstick Makeup Institute. 


Come and have a look around and see fo yourself.

See you soon guys.