Eye makeup for brown eyes

With brown eyes basically you can apply any colour whatever you have in your mind, eye make up for brown eyes leaves so much room for neural colours to be explored. The magic  is in mixing up the right colours when using any sort of make up. You can't go wrong with neutrals. Going for a dinner but you donate know what colour of a dress you will be wearing? Preparing yourself in the morning for a business meeting and you want to look just perfectly made up for this occasion? Use neutral colours -cream -white -beige -champagne -brown -grey -black These colours will always look good on you and will suit to any skin colour. Natural shades _MG_4946   Strong eye makeup on brown eyes will make them look more shiny and lighter. Use: -dark brown -black -dark grey With a nice dramatic smokey look your eyes will look wider, more shiny and lighter. Perfect wear for parties and going outs. IMG_7246   If you don't want to stick to neutrals just go for some crazy colours on your beautiful brown eyes. A quick tip for mixing up the colours: whatever colours you have in your mind to use you can always add beige, cream or brown  to your eye makeup. Now there is a question why? These neutrals are perfect for mixing in to the other colours like pink, purple, green, blue, peach etc. All the brown eyed beauties can experiment with colourful makeup, don't be afraid of trying out different colours. On brown eyes the following colours can look really good when you are mixing them up with the right colours: -peach -pink -purple -green -navy -blue -grey If you want to go for some crazy creations: -red -yellow -orange last copy All these colours are not the only colours on your eyelid, you will mix them up with a bit of black and brown and with some creams and champagnes.   Tip of the day: The more colours you will mix in your eye makeup the more unique look will you get.   Don't forget to click on us tomorrow.... will be sharing tips and tricks of the mascara application and fake lashes   Stay tuned!!        

Lipstick make Up Team at Mori Sushi

The Lipstick Make Up Team had a fabulous night was had by everyone in Downtown Dubai. The event was t mark the opening of the new restaurant where over 200 people gathered to mark the occasion with amazing gives from the DJ, wonderful sushi, great makeup for the Lipstick make Up Institute Team. Many joined in the theme of the evening by wearing onesies which was just great fun to see.   13165838_10154174476410789_2969522255021587379_n 13179283_10154174262770789_347042618329332072_n 13139378_10154174262595789_1018303765613302399_n The flow of ladies just kept coming and were great sports and participated in all the nights fun. Its amazing to see just how make up with the right technique can change a persons attitude and makes everyone feel part of a culture. At The Lipstick make Up Institute we are always creating and having fun with our students on courses. Check out our Facebook page and see the diverse range of make up looks we do https://www.facebook.com/The-Lipstick-Make-Up-Institute-1660062514212667/ Our sister company : YH StudiosDXB                http://yhstudiosdxb.com Is part of the whole set up and this is why our students get the best of everything, make up, teaching, creativity, location shoots, studio shoots etc. Check out our images, you will love them. Our main photographer, Yasmin is from the UK and has been a photographer for over 26 years and works closely with the students so that they understand the relationship between make up and photography.   Please check out our courses. We have a range from 1 hour to 6 weeks. This is our passion too its not just a business, we do what we love and love what we do. Teaching is easy as our students really want to learn even if its just to learn how to apply their make up on themselves. Learn about contouring, Highlighting, how to apply the lipstick correctly. Its  very thin line between applying make up correctly and un correctly. Get it wrong and the whole look does not work! You look like a painted doll. Call us on +971 52 83 49964 for advice on our courses.

The Lipstick Makeup Institute and YH Studios is at Mahiki Dubai

13124445_1010842575670169_515353447846566195_n The Lipstick Make Up Institute and YH Studios is tied up with Kalendria to give all you honeys the ultimate experience on Ladies Night at Mahiki Dubai We did the touch ups makeup to all beautiful ladies who attended the night! It was a superb experience ! It was wonderful night, with all the unlimited cocktails and the Dj's music that give everyone to dance at the floor. Check out behind the scene of the event! _MG_6584email   _MG_6631eamil _MG_6581email_MG_6636email  

The Lipstick make Up Team are Sponsors of The Velvet Event At The Versace Hotel Dubai

The Lipstick Team will creating amazingly glamorous looks for the Models to float down the Catwalk on Saturday 14th May at The Versace Hotel Dubai Creek. The team is really excited to be working together and to be part of such a high end event. Shot on the front is a combination of The Lipstick make Up Institute and YH Studios Photography. velvet1

Makeup for blue eyes

We would say its easy when it comes to the light eye colour. If you have blue eyes be sure to use the right colours to bring out the eyes more  and make you look fresh and glowing. In case you are  using the wrong  colours,  your eyes can look tired and the purpose of using makeup  is to enhance our beauty so its time to talk about the  colours to enhance your eyes. Blue eyes and neutrals as on the green eyes always looks good. The darker the colour the eyes will look more dramatic when it comes to the eye colour. Strong dark grey or black contours can make you look the drama queen of the night in a gorgeous edition. Don't go over the top, make sure that your are using your blending brush enough and not leaving harsh lines in your eye makeup. 10171614_10153163720030027_5019177814438280041_n   You like it more natural? You can't go wrong with some cream and brown colours with a dash of dark brown or black in the outer corner of he eye. 10623302_10153046727555027_1657178163259097445_o   Dark blue or dark grey can look awesome on the blue eyes 10953281_10153129523785027_7322214368265362253_o Don't forget the colour wheel  and our complimentary colours if you want to enhance your blue eyes even more. Oranges, copper and peach... work perfectly on blue eyes will make the colour really vibrant. _MG_6031 Lets put all these infos together and check the colours we can apply for the  blue eyes: -champagne -peach -rose -orange -copper -grey -dark blue -dark brown -navy -black   Now we have all the colours together so we can start experimenting. Good luck ladies   Don't forget  to visit us tomorrow as we will talk about the most universal eye colour... the brown eyes            

Makeup for Green Eyes

223f69218047ffbaee826e08a958e02d   Hi everyone! We will talk about today are all green, Yes! When you see this you can't help but be mesmerised with it. Lets see these pictures and the colours you can use on the green eyes. If you love drama on your green eyes.... go with dark and strong colours. Green eyes are going great with dark brown, dark purple, dark grey and black. These dark colours will bring out the eye colour and they will look more shiny. 11952046_10153610714804233_1720017868965789183_n With neutrals you can't go wrong. Just for a review neutrals are cream, beige, browns, white, grey and black. In the case you don't know what you are going to wear or just want to go soft on the eyes go with neutrals. 12491808_10153897305099233_7660532480398561167_o   Smokey eyes - it will be always our favourite and most wanted look. You can apply a bit of black on your lids and smudge it with a brown eye shadow to make your green eyes pop. 11114181_10153523295544233_2098878582232816287_o   Black eyeliner is one of our favourites and with a bit of gold or bronze shimmer can make your eyes more green. 12705357_10153934218144233_5858685785543443982_n After talking about the different colour combinations lets summarize the colours suitable for green eyes:
  • beige
  • bronze
  • gold
  • brown
  • taupe
  • grey
  • pink
  • purple
  • dark green
  • black
  • silver
  • peach
Now there is nothing to left than to try out these colours on your wonderful green eyes. Be playful and don't be afraid to experiment. Stay tuned tomorrow as we talk about what best makeup colours for Blue Eyes 

Congratulations to Our Student who just completed The Silver Make Up Course.

We are so proud of our Leila who progressed so much in her 5 days with us. She achieved An International Certificate and 3 amazing images for her Portfolio which is all included as part of the Makeup  Course. We have our sister company , YH Studios DXB who are always very involved with the students explaining just how the lights react with make up. Media Make Up is  completely diffrent makeup just for events, parting or just going out. This is the great advantage that having a professional photography studio as part of the package. The students on the courses gain such a great advantage as they understand and can apply all the tips and techniques to their working life once they leave the comfort of our Institute. We are like a family here with knowledge and experience to share! Just look at the images that Leila left The Lipstick Makeup Institute with. I am very proud of her achievements. There are so many makeup Artists who do not have any professional images. Com e and join us and get the best of everything!   _MG_4643s_MG_7260e_MG_7887s

All about the Eye Makeup


Most of us would agree that in the beauty world, eye makeup is the Holy Grail. While the problem often lies in finding the perfect eye shadow look, mascara wand and/or brow shaping method, once all these components are in place, you reach a state of beauty nirvana that can only be described as FABULOUS. However, reaching this place of perfection can be tricky because no two pairs of eyes (or brows!) are the same, so what works for one does not always work for another.

 We are always on the hunt for the latest eye shadow looks, brow tips and and tricks and eye makeup products that can be passed on to our readers and further support the cause for a better beauty world. To show our dedication and devotion to eye makeup, we compiled a list of our best tutorials that cover everything from eyeliner and cat eye tricks to brow-shaping how tos and neutral eye shadow looks. Get ready to play up those peepers!



Stay tuned tomorrow as we begin discussing all about Eye Make Up

See Yah!

Dos and don’ts in contouring and highlighting

Highlighting and contouring can provide great dimensions to the face allowing you to add cheek bones you never knew you had, while slenderizing the forehead you always felt was a little too big. Celebrity makeup artist have been using these techniques for years to give celebs the perfect red carpet face. Kim Kardashian is known for her super highlighted and contoured makeup and has inspired many YouTube videos on achieving her look. Like any good makeup technique, it takes practice and the right tools to achieve the perfect highlights and contours. Here are a few of the do’s and dont’s in highlighting and contouring: 1. Do choose a highlight that is not too far off from your natural complexion, the goal is to add dimension and accentuate the skin not create a whole new skin complexion. If you have yellow undertones and are a complexion close to Kim Kardashian’s or even a few shades darker, yellow highlights work really well. If you are closer to a Gabrielle Union brown complexion, try choosing something in the brown family that is a few shades lighter than your natural complexion. 2. Don’t apply too much. Whether you are using a foundation, concealer, or powder you do not want it to be too thick. If the product is applied too thick, it will be harder to blend it in and will not look natural. Highlighted and contoured  makeup should look effortless and blend naturally, not be cakey and thick. 3. Do ask for a second opinion. Sometimes what looks great in our mirrors doesn’t always look great in natural light or in person. Ask a friend if everything looks well blended and even take a photo of yourself to make sure you don’t have that tell-tell white cast under your eyes. 4. Don’t go crazy buying products. You don’t need a million and one different products to achieve a beautiful highlight and contour look, even makeup artist have a few staple products that are their go to. Select a shade close to your complexion in either a foundation, concealer or powder and stick with that. As you get better you can always add a few more products to your collection but there is no need to break the bank. 5. Do go to a makeup counter and get help. If you need a little extra assistance with learning how to perfect the highlight and contour method or even need a little help with selecting the right product or shade for you go see a makeup artist. It is their job to help you and most makeup artist love sharing their secrets and giving out tips. To get the most time and attention possible from your artist, try going during a week day where there is usually less traffic and your lesson won’t be as rushed. 6. Do practice. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice at this look the better you will become. YouTube has a plethora of every day women and beauty gurus who have mastered this look, watch as many videos as you can until you find the method that works best for you.   Tip of the day: The ultimate tip of the day The less is more ! 022613-Contouring-Good-Bad-600x328   New week new topic from tomorrow..all about the eye makeup ...stay tuned  

Congratulations to our Platinum Make Up Course Student

We are just so proud of our student who absorbed the information on all aspects of make up from Make Up Course and gained , The International "Platinum Media Make Up Course Diploma" Certificate with world wide recognition from , "The Lipstick make Up Institute" On the Course we covered all aspects Make up one could need to become an outstanding make up Artist.  We covered the most famous beauty looks: Daytime Makeup Cocktail Makeup Evening glamour look Smokey eyes Arabic makeup Bollywood Glamorous look Red Carpet Makeup Bridal Makeup And of course the creative looks: High fashion Creative  makeup. Just check Out Naomi's  Portfolio that she left the Course with. The Complete Bonus That The Lipstick Make Up institute has a sister company on site, "YH Studios" where the students get to work with photographers and learn all aspects of Media and Media make up sets Lipstick miles above any other Make Up School in Dubai.  Look for yourself. You agree? I am sure you do. We interview so many make up artists and they come here with no professional pictures at all but just look what you get with us after 6 weeks and not only that the talent to be able to do such work. IMG_0601e IMG_0717z IMG_1094z IMG_4896z IMG_5328x IMG_6502z IMG_6535z IMG_7698s IMG_9247s IMG_9474e