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Flawless skin and full coverage with cream foundations

We all know our favourite liquid foundations which are  giving a light to medium coverage.

But what should we do if we are struggling from skin problems, dark circles under the eyes, scars on the face ?

The liquid foundations coverage is not strong enough.

This is the moment when we will choose a cream foundation to cover and correct all these skin problems and correct the skin types.

We will talk about the Kryolan Cream foundations.

For the first time you will say no, Kryolan is a Professional Stage Makeup and its only for stage or TV.

It is for makeup artists but if you know exactly how to use the products you can easily use them on a daily basis.

Lets do a quick and useful review of our amazing foundations:

  1. Supracolor is an oil based moisturising cream foundation also known as greasepaint. Perfect for normal to dry skin and for the mature skin. The best to apply with a wet sponge by dabbing for a full coverage, glossy finish.


2. Dermacolor as a texture is a bit dryer than the Supracolor. Specifically made to cover the different skin problems, discolorations, tattoos and scars. Can be used for all the skin types. Application with wet sponge semi glossy finish with a full coverage.


3. Ultrafoundation is a creamy texture easy to apply and blend. Perfect for the dry skin. Application with a foundation brush with a full coverage and semi glossy finish.




Tip of the day: for a flawless skin and full coverage apply thin layers of the cream foundation. Build it up from very thin layers rather than applying a thick layer creating a mask effect on the skin.


Visit our blog tomorrow we will share with you some lovely infos about the TV Stick foundations and their usage on a bad skin.

The correct foundation application

Brush? Sponge? Beauty blender or fingers?

What is the right way? Well it depends what is the texture of your foundation.

If its liquid the best is to apply with a foundation brush or buffing or kabuki brush. This way the foundation layer will be thin and invisible on your skin but the same time a nice coverage. The Beauty blender is for blending the foundation after the brush application.

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Cream foundations especially if we are using Kryolan Supracolor, Dermacolor or TV Stick the best to apply with wet latex sponge by dabbing in the skin not dragging around the foundation. 



Tip of the day: If you have a dry skin and wondering how to achieve  dewy and healthy glowing skin here is our tip for you. Before applying  the liquid foundation spray your face with a water spray or rose water.

Do this between every single step. The rose water will give you a moisturised and dewy look.



Are you wearing the right colour of the foundation?

The most common problem that all of us struggling from to find the right colour of the foundation we are wearing.

When  you go to the makeup store forget about trying the foundation on your hands. The reason is:

  1. is not the same colour like your face 
  2. the skin on our face is more sensitive 
  3. the skin on your face  is a different skin type than your hands so of course you have to find the matching foundation to your skin type.

The process of trying and finding the right colour is very simple. Pick up 3 colours which are very similar to your skin colour and try them on your face near to the jawline area. The colour what blends in completely to your skin and not visible that is your foundation colour.

Tip of the day: When applying foundation, apply it little by little build up your foundation. In this case you will get a perfect coverage and will look natural not caked up and a mask effect on a face.


More tips and tricks for Smokey eyes

Tips and tricks:

  1. Make sure you apply makeup on  clean skin. This is VERY IMPORTANT. The makeup will look flawless and fresh on a clean and moisturized skin.
  2. For an even look use a cream foundation and apply it in layers.
  3. Make sure to correct the undertones with the right corrector colour, if the undertones are more into purple we have a warm type, correct it with yellow corrector but if its more bluish we have a cool undertone and will correct it with the peach corrector.
  4. For heavy contouring and highlighting use cream products because they are easy to blend.
  5. Always set your foundation with a translucent powder because it will give you a flawless matt look and will hold your makeup.
  6. Make sure that your eyebrows are plucked and shaped.
  7. For a natural but defined look use eye shadows to fill up your eyebrows.
  8. When working with cream textures on the face and eyes make sure that the foundation and corrector are perfectly blended no creases on the lid.
  9. Apply the base eye shadow evenly on the lid.
  10. Before starting with dark eye shadows apply translucent powder under the eyes to avoid smudges on the skin.
  11. When applying the eye shadows make sure that you are using the right brushes and try to get the perfect transition between the colours.
  12. Apply the micro pigments in layers and carefully
  13. For cleaning the small smudges around the eyes always use dry cotton buds never make them wet because you will ruin the makeup.
  14. Make sure that you are applying the mascara from the roots of the lashes to get the full volume effect.
  15. For an extra glamour look apply high lighter on the apples of the cheeks
  16. To make your lipstick lasting much longer apply foundation on the lips and set it with a translucent powder. Use lip liner to define and correct your lips. For the ultra gloss and shine apply micro pigments on the center of the lips.