What products to use for contouring


This actually depends on your skin type and the blend-ability of the product you are using. It is pretty obvious that a concealer will be much more pigmented than a foundation which might make it a tad bit harder to blend.

For example, for someone with an oily skin type I would suggest that he/she uses a cream concealer 2 shades darker to contour and one that is 2 shades lighter to highlight. This needs to be set with a translucent powder to prevent it from slipping and sliding on your face.

You don’t need to stick with a single product. You could use a highlighting concealer and a contouring foundation. It’s all up to what products you have access to! Infact, the brushes you use might actually make or break your highlighting-contouring routine, so keep that in mind too.

It slims your face and creates definition and illumination to create a sleek, sculpted look.


Tip for the day:  Your are not only enhancing your facial features, but also get a little confidence boost!

Stay with us tomorrow as we talk about highlighting.