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Mothers Day makeup by our students

Lets celebrate all the lovely Mums! The Lipstick Makeup Institute was a part of the Mothers Day makeup filming in Osh Kosh baby store.
Mothers Day makeup at Osh Kosh store
IMG-20170314-WA0022 Your setup reflects you. Make sure that your makeup products and brushes are always clean and well organised. We took our students to experience the working on a location and in front of camera feeling of the Mothers Day makeup filming . Our students were responsible for a nice flawless and fresh makeup on these lovely ladies.
Students in action applying Mothers Day makeup
IMG-20170314-WA0086-1 The task was easy. The mothers got few questions to answer while our students are pampering them and making sure they look lovely and perfectly made up. In this case the perfectly made up means not over the top, nothing glamorous but just a touch of makeup what will make the face fresh, the skin flawless. The less is always more. This is the most important to memorise! Always work with the face and the features. Don't try to apply the same makeup style on every single face. We are all unique, we all have a different personality also different needs when it comes to makeup. What will suit to me won't suit you and to some other person. Our students are trained in that way to recognise the needs of different faces and features. Makeup is used to enhance the beauty and correct the small imperfections not to make you look like a different person. IMG-20170314-WA0088 Todays makeup look was a Mothers Day makeup. Why is it different than the other makeup looks? Its very light as a base. On the eyes we were using beige, browns with a touch of highlight. Mascara of course is a must. On the cheeks we added a touch of peach-orange colour to give a refreshing effect for the face as some of our ladies didn't sleep much. On the lips a transparent lipgloss.
Mothers Day makeup
Our students in action. Beautifying our lovely models. It was fun. We heard loads of stories about the funniest stories about their kids, the most important words they love to hear from their kids, and the everyday with 2 or 3 kids in the house. All these lovely ladies deserve loads of attention, love and pampering... not only when its Mothers Day... but every day!!  

The Secret to Perfect eyebrows Tip Make Up Tips Part 2

Theres a saying the "Eyebrows are the frame of our face" They are definitely and this is why we need to make sure that we have the right shape of eyebrows and they are nicely defined. Don't overdo them!!! Every part of our face is equally important. So make sure that your makeup is in harmony with the whole face. Eyebrows are important such as cheekbones or lips or eyes. But how to shape them? And how to make them perfect? First of all you can choose if you like your eyebrows soft and natural or more defined. If you are in the first group of soft eyebrow lovers all what you will do is:
  1. clean up the excess hair around your eyebrows with tweezers. Clean lines look smooth and sharp
  2. brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush
  3. take an angled brush, get a 3 or 4 shades lighter colour than your eyebrows and fill them up
  4. why use a lighter colour? because we want to create shadow between the hair. If you will take the same colour of your eyebrow it will become much more stronger and aggressive. Too dark just looks so false and really doesn't look good. The fashion now is to have amazing eyebrows but must be done right.
maxresdefault-3 If you like sharp and defined eyebrows:
  1. Make sure that your eyebrows are fully cleaned no hair around them.
  2. Take a concealer and apply a lighter shade around your eyebrows from the top and bottom part.
  3. Take an angled brush and with an eyeshadow what is lighter than your eyebrows draw a line from the bottom of your eyebrows and a top of the eyebrows. Start to blend the two lines together.
  4. Also brush it. Anytime you can add more eyeshadow colour or if you feel its too strong you can tone it down by brushing the eyebrows.
  5. To fix your eyebrows you can use eyebrow gel, it will make the hair stay at the place and will give your eyebrows  a nice shiny look.
eyebrows-eyeshadow-eyes-on-fleek-makeupjunkie-Favim.com-3376335 Practice  makes perfect! Always and if you apply this logic to your life then you will not go far wrong. Don't forget this golden rule. Have fun creating beautiful eyebrows and don't be scared experimenting with it! Stay with us for more tips and tricks. We are a Dubai based Make Up Institute, who is striving to be the best makeup Institute around.  The Lipstick Make Up Institute is beginning to get a reputation for all the right reasons we are happy to say. If you want to learn the basics, we have a course for you. If toy want to learn advanced techniques, we have a class for you. Anything you need to know we have a class for you. Just call us, email us or Facebook us. We are here always to answer your questions. Please give us any suggestions or feedback for a subject that you want us to talk about. We will always listen.

Lipgloss when and where to wear it!


Glossy lips yes or no?

Some girls simply love shiny and glossy lips – and lip gloss is their best friend! But overdoing the lip gloss can give a tacky effect. So, today we will show you how to perfectly use a lip gloss to get pretty, pouty, kissable lips.

Some of our friends are crazy about matte lips.

Is there the right occasion to wear gloss? or we can wear it anytime?

The answer is Yes!

There are some different occasions when its the best to wear gloss and when its better to keep it semi matte or matte.

When is it?

  1. Daytime - for daytime look you can use only a gloss just keep it natural.
  2. For photo shoots if the concept is not saying to use matte lipstick you can always go for glossy, shiny lips.
  3. If you just like your lips to be shiny and glossy you can always go  for the gloss.
  When is not the best to use it?
  1. On corporate photoshoots
  2. When you want your lips to look smaller
  3. You just don't like glossy lips

Things You Need

1. Lip Scrub 2. Lip Balm/Lip Conditioner 3. Lip Liner 4. Lipstick 5. Lip gloss What is important before we are starting with the lip gloss application?
  1. Make sure you don't have any dead skin on your lips. Start by prepping your lips. If you have dead skin cells or chapped/cracked lips, then scrub your lips before you start prepping. Massage the lip scrub all over your lips for about two to three minutes. Rinse it off.
prepping-your-lips   2. The next step is to use a lip balm or lip conditioner to get rid of the dryness. It will make your lips more soft and supple. Let the lip balm rest on the lips for about one to two minutes. lip-balm-or-lip-conditioner 3.Once you are done with applying the lip balm, take a tissue and blot the excess. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding and makes the application of the other products easier. applying-the-lip-balm 4.Start by analyzing your lip shape. Using a lip pencil in the color of your choice, start the application from the center of the upper lip and follow the natural lip line till the corners of the lip. Follow the same procedure with the lower lip. You can also fill the entire lip with the same lip pencil as that works as a great base and helps the lip color to stay put for longer. Refer to the picture above. lip-pencil-in-the-color   5.Quick tip You can also apply a little bit of foundation/concealer in the shade that matches your natural lip color. This would even out the lips in one go and provide an even base to work on. 6.Now it’s time for the lipstick. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush using short strokes and fill the entire lips. Using a brush while applying lipstick adds precision to the application. Here, I have used a bright red lipstick. lipstick-with-a-lip-brush 7.Start applying the lip gloss from the center of the lips and drag the sponge applicator along the length of the lips. Avoid applying the gloss above the natural lip line. You can blot the excess lip gloss on a tissue paper. This will prevent the color from bleeding. applying-the-lip-gloss-from-the-center Final look Doesn’t it look amazing? Glosses are a must at parties – they really boost your hotness quotient. Give it a try and let us know about the compliments you received! We would love to hear from you. rossettorossoselez10  

 Don't forget to follow us every day as we are helping you to build up your makeup knowledge day by day.

Stay with us tomorrow as we show you how to get gorgeous matte lips.

Stay tuned!

Lip liner application

The Perfectly applied lipstick
  Perfect lips? Thats the dream of most of us. How to achieve lips like this?
  1. First of all make sure that your lips are moisturised.
  2. Apply foundation or concealer on your lips to make the colour more intensive
5_steps_to_apply_lipstick_3v 3.Apply lipliner! If you are happy with your lips then just line the lips on the natural lip line. If you want to make them bigger then you will outline the lips just a bit above the natural lip line. Don't go too high as it will look fake and we don't want that. If you want to make your lips smaller, then line the lips from the inner side of the natural lip line. lipliner_0 4.When you are done with the lip liner then you can fill up the lips  with lipstick. 5.The colour of the lip liner is usually the same colour as your lipstick. Don't apply lighter liner as it won't give any definition to your lips, go with a shade or 2 darker. 6.Make sure that you are applying your lipstick with a lip brush. Why? Because in this case your lipstick will last much longer, the lip brush will give you more precision in the application. Sharon-Hart-Makeup-Lipstick-Application 7. Make sure you will blend the liner with the lipstick. No harsh outline on the lips is trendy anymore except you are doing a fantasy, high fashion  or lip art. 8.Be precise and clean. The ultimate must is to make your lips perfectly shaped and contoured, especially when you are working with dark and bold colours. 9.Apply gloss on the lips. You can apply coloured gloss or transparent to give a high shine to your lips. lipstainvslipstick 10.Now you need to make sure that your lips are perfectly shaped. 11.Take your foundation brush or latex sponge and straighten the lines 12.For additional definition you can take a bit of a concealer and line perfect the lip lines. 13.To avoid runny lips because of the lip gloss use a bit of a translucent powder on your latex sponge and place it to the corners of the lips. 14.To make sure that your lipstick will last all night long use Kryolan Lip Fix
Kryolan lip fix
pink-lipstick       lips-and-lipstick-clipart-1   All you need to do now is to practice, practice and practice! My teacher told me you have to do at least 100 red lips to master it! So its time for practice 🙂   Don't forget to click on our blog tomorrow as we will talk about  dos and donuts in the lipstick application Stay tuned see you!

Dos and don’ts in your makeup routine

How does your makeup routine look like? I believe all of us we have some different habits about makeup application. Basically there are no rules in makeup. All you need is a clean makeup, stylish and well blended! Lets start with the Dos: 1.Make sure you take care of your skin. This is the first DO! Use a scrub monthly once or twice, face cleaning gel or foam, toner every day and moisturising cream. 2. Start your makeup on a clean and moisturised skin. 3. Always try the foundation on your face near to the jawline area to check the colour. 4.Apply the foundation in thin layers 1_1384507824_640x640 10-Makeup-Dos-and-Donts-6 bridal-makeup daf0b7845d6a7ae22c5984d7be4e2ecf   5.Try to use thin layers if you use cream contours and highlights 6.Use Translucent powder instead of pressed powder 7.Use 3 shades lighter shadow on your brows than your brow colour 8.Use matte eye shadows for daytime look 9.Apply peach-orange tones on your cheeks giving you immediate fresh look 10. Glossy lips look more healthy than matte ones, don't forget to apply a lipgloss for the nice finishing Now lets see the DON'TS 1. Don't over draw your natural lips. 2.Don't apply blush to your cheeks without blending hqdefault 3.Don't forget to wash your makeup off at night 4.Don't go crazy with drawn-in-eyebrows 5.Don't be afraid of a little sparkle and glitter. dd1 dd2 6.Don't be extreme with your concealer shade. 7.Don't wear clumpy mascara 8.Don't get stuck in a rut with your makeup routine maxresdefault 9.Dont be afraid to experiment with different colours 10.Dont panic if you made mistakes you can always work with mistakes and fix them but if not you will take off the makeup and start again. Makeup is not a plastic surgery you can always start to apply it again and again! After the tips what and how to do the conclusion is -Less is always more -Keep your makeup simple -The right foundation colour is one of the most important things in makeup - Blend, blend and blend -Always keep your makeup clean. No mascara smudges and dark patches under the eyes because of the dark eyeshadows     Practice makes perfect so don't give up after the first or second fail! The makeup can always be better!   Click on our blog tomorrow as we will give you some awesome tips how to look gorgeous just with 10 minutes makeup See you        

The Lipstick Makeup Institute on the Eurasian Beauty Championship in Hair and Makeup 2016 Baku, Azerbaijan

We just came back from Baku as we represented the UAE on The Eurasian Beauty Championship 2016 in hair and makeup.
The event
What to say? We spent 4 wonderful days in this amazing city. The trip started with laugh and fun and ended with happiness and celebration. Lets see how we started and what was exactly happening in Baku? In the organisation of The World Beauty Congress a competition was held in Baku for the most talented artists all over Asia and Europe to showcase their work in Hair styling and Makeup.   As our team is always in fun and having a great time wherever we go we started the competition with a selfie.
Yasmin and Liv
The setup
Our table Number 7
    The UAE National Team: Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli UAE National Director Yasmin Hussain MD of The Lipstick Makeup Institute and YH Studios Livia Rideg Master Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Model: Milena Designer: Amira     About the competition  There were 18 contestants, hair stylists and makeup artists. We had 55 minutes to create a fashion makeup and 55 minutes to create a fashion hair style.
Our beautiful model Milena - before picture
  Fashion Makeup 
BTS picture
Just started with a foundation. I had 55 minutes to create a Fashion Makeup Look. As the jury said they want to see something new, an own creation between evening makeup and creative makeup... not too much but enough to amaze them. Ive had a picture in my mind what i want to see on the model as it should be. Nothing without a vision. Our vision was a high fashion look with arabic touch dramatic and glamorous .  
Its was not only me who was concentrating
Interested and curious people around our table
and more people
Amazing behind the scenes picture by Yasmin
Some of the ladies were taking selfies with Liv applying makeup on the model
Selfie time with my gorgeous
Makeup is done waiting for the judges
Closeup of the created look. Double cut crease with a glittery crease line. Arabic style eyeliner blended out with a gold foil. Strong contours and bold lips
The whole look was created with our lovely Kryolan products. Fashion Hairstyle We got 55 minutes to create a hair style what goes with the whole styling.
Starting with the hair
The finished look
After the hair and makeup our models were walking on the stage showing the whole styling. Our Arabic Princess did a wonderful job. She really felt her character  the styling and the music. Was a great performance. The pictures are talking there is no need for much words. Our styling surprised and shocked everyone withers uniqueness, dramatic appearance and elegance. And ....  what is the result ? Lets see
Eurasia Champion 2016
We planned it and made it. Amazing experience was this in Baku. We got a chance so many wonderful people and artists and of course we learned a lot.
And the celebration
We are the Champions
For the first time in UAEs history we represented the country on an International Competition and we WON!!! Such a great time we had!!!
Mansoor and Liv
Team 1
Our Model Milena and Liv
Selfie time ... Mansoor, Milena and Yasmin
  Number 1 in Europe and Asia and this is just the beginning. Want to learn makeup? Join us to learn from the best to be the best    Get the best makeup tips and ticks from the Champion. Don't forget to click on our blog tomorrow!! Dos and don'ts in you everyday makeup routine is the next topic          

3 different ways to apply liquid foundation

When applied correctly, liquid foundation can create a beautiful, dewy finish that doesn't look like makeup at all! Liquid foundation can be little tricky to apply at first, but with a bit of practice, you can achieve flawless-looking skin in a matter of minutes. This article will teach you three different ways to apply liquid foundation. Fingers work best if you want a lighter more natural coverage. Use a sponge or foundation brush to achieve a fuller coverage and create a glam, camera-ready finish. 1.Cleanse and moisturise your face. Makeup should always be applied to a clean canvas. Wash your face using your normal cleanser and pat dry. If you have dry skin, apply a moisturiser and wait a few minutes before applying foundation to give the moisturiser a chance to work.
  • If you are in a hurry or have applied too much moisturiser, blot your face with a tissue to remove excess moisturiser before applying foundation.
1425022044_cleaning-face Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.   2.Pour a dime-sized amount of foundation onto your palette of choice. You can either use the back of your hand, a small dish, or even a folded up napkin. Don't pour out too much. You can always add more later.   tumblr_n0979pfsZs1qesrs5o1_1280img_5654   3.Dip your fingertips into the foundation, and begin to dab it onto your face. Start with two dabs on your forehead, two on each cheek, one on your nose, and one on your chin. A little goes a long way with liquid foundation, and you can always add more to areas that need additional coverage. tumblr_inline_nut17991T61txoi6x_500 4.Use your fingertips to blend the foundation into your skin. Use either a patting/tapping motion with just the pads of your fingers, or make small, light circles with your fingertips. Begin with the areas that tend to have the most uneven skin tone (nose, cheeks, and forehead for most people) and work out from there.
  • Think about blending the foundation lightly, not rubbing it in, and definitely not "slathering" it on.
  • If you need more coverage, add more foundation to your face a dab at a time.
fingertips 5.Blend the edges. Blend your foundation carefully into your jawline, hairline, and around your ears to avoid leaving distinct lines.
  • If you have a sponge, use it to blend the foundation at your jawline using short downward strokes.
  • If you notice a distinct color change at the jawline, you may need a different shade of foundation.
Tip of the day: for a moisturised dewy look apply the liquid foundation with a wet sponge. In this case you can blend your foundation perfectly in the skin and the result will be natural and flawless.
Stay tuned guys for the best tips and tricks about the foundation this week.
Tomorrow we will talk about the cream foundations and will give you tips how to apply them effortlessly  and how to get a flawless, airbrushed look.