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Amazing Pool Shoot with Lara Tabet

What a great pool shoot with Lara Tabet

Amazing Pool Shoot with a beach body to die for!

Hi Guys I’m Chaliya the new head makeup artist here at The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

Im British from the UK, I have lived in Dubai for 4 years.

I have a huge passion for make up. I previously worked for Mac Cosmetics in Dubai & London Harrods, which was what influenced me to become a makeup educator.

“Its a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”

I love being able to pass on my knowledge of makeup to the students & watch them develop into great makeup artists.

I am teaching master classes with the students, where they get to learn all aspects of makeup from beauty to special effects. This is when they can really show their talents. Their imaginations can run wild.

We have many  courses for beginners who have no experience in makeup. We  teach them everything they need to know.

My  1st out of studio shoot was an amazing experience. In an amazing location in City Walk Dubai.

Working with the sand & water between your toes, out in the sun what more could you want!

Lara looking beautiful in her glamours bikinis.

Amazing Views with the Burj Khalifa.

Beautiful Sunset in the distance.

Dubai is such a magical place for a photo shoot, with the beach views, amazing tall buildings

Applying makeup touch ups when needed.

So much fun can’t wait for the next beach shoot!

Lara Tabet is such an inspiring woman she’s known as a Brand Ambassador, Middle East Luxury Business Developer, Official Spokeswoman for Arab Fashion Council and TV Presenter

You can follow her on Instagram @laratabetgallery

Dubai Skyline Burj Khalifa
Amazing Views of the Burj Khalifa




Nikki Beach Sunday Event


Hi Everyone!

Its Sunday once again and time to play and work at Nikki Beach.


Every Sunday, The Lipstick Make Up teams are at Nikki Beach Dubai, chilling with the customers and enjoying.

We paint the customers faces and arms and make you feel gorgeous.

We have the headdress, make up, photography and its all here.

We teamed up with Nikki Beach to give the customers the best time on Sundays that they can have.


Try to visit Nikki Beach every Sunday and definitely we will meet there and chance to have your picture.

“Let the sea set you free”


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