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The secret of a dewy skin

We all love that healthy glow and wet finish on the skin.

It gives a fresh and soft look on the skin and of course its an absolute trend .

To achieve it will share with you some really easy techniques and tips :

  1. Use a moisturiser before foundation
  2. Spray your face with water spray before the foundation
  3. Apply the liquid foundation with foundation brush
  4. Spray the water spray all over your face
  5. Apply  Kryolan  Shimmering Event Foundation  in a thin layer onto the face
  6. Spray the face with water spray
  7. Add a touch of loose powder on the face
  8. Spray your face with water spray

It is easy and quick.

Looks really nice in his weather but summertime also.

Good luck for experimenting

Stay with us for more tis and tricks

Look at the image below of just how the skin can glow in the sunshine. The highlighter looks amazing and lights up the face.

This is something we all want to achieve, the healthy glow. Even when we are feeling low if we look good it will make us feel so much better. Sometimes our mental state of mind is so powerful that we can overcome anything. The mind is the most powerful tool we have.

So lets use it to the max but first start with good make up ha ha.

Once you start applying make up each and every time you will get better. The more you practise, the better you will become. The better you become, the better you will look. The better you look, the more confidence you will have. The more confidence you have , the more popular you will become. The more popular you become the more  comfortable  you will feel.

I think that you kind of get what I am saying!

Everything starts with good make up!!!

Book yourself a course with us and we will teach you everything you need to know that will give you a new lease of life ha ha. Well. who knows? We can only try.