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Are you wearing the right colour of the foundation?

The most common problem that all of us struggling from to find the right colour of the foundation we are wearing.

When  you go to the makeup store forget about trying the foundation on your hands. The reason is:

  1. is not the same colour like your face 
  2. the skin on our face is more sensitive 
  3. the skin on your face  is a different skin type than your hands so of course you have to find the matching foundation to your skin type.

The process of trying and finding the right colour is very simple. Pick up 3 colours which are very similar to your skin colour and try them on your face near to the jawline area. The colour what blends in completely to your skin and not visible that is your foundation colour.

Tip of the day: When applying foundation, apply it little by little build up your foundation. In this case you will get a perfect coverage and will look natural not caked up and a mask effect on a face.