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The Secret to Perfect eyebrows Tip Make Up Tips Part 2

Theres a saying the Eyebrows are the frame of our face”

They are definitely and this is why we need to make sure that we have the right shape of eyebrows and they are nicely defined.

Don’t overdo them!!!

Every part of our face is equally important.

So make sure that your makeup is in harmony with the whole face.

Eyebrows are important such as cheekbones or lips or eyes.

But how to shape them? And how to make them perfect?

First of all you can choose if you like your eyebrows soft and natural or more defined.

If you are in the first group of soft eyebrow lovers all what you will do is:

  1. clean up the excess hair around your eyebrows with tweezers. Clean lines look smooth and sharp
  2. brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush
  3. take an angled brush, get a 3 or 4 shades lighter colour than your eyebrows and fill them up
  4. why use a lighter colour? because we want to create shadow between the hair. If you will take the same colour of your eyebrow it will become much more stronger and aggressive. Too dark just looks so false and really doesn’t look good. The fashion now is to have amazing eyebrows but must be done right.


If you like sharp and defined eyebrows:

  1. Make sure that your eyebrows are fully cleaned no hair around them.
  2. Take a concealer and apply a lighter shade around your eyebrows from the top and bottom part.
  3. Take an angled brush and with an eyeshadow what is lighter than your eyebrows draw a line from the bottom of your eyebrows and a top of the eyebrows. Start to blend the two lines together.
  4. Also brush it. Anytime you can add more eyeshadow colour or if you feel its too strong you can tone it down by brushing the eyebrows.
  5. To fix your eyebrows you can use eyebrow gel, it will make the hair stay at the place and will give your eyebrows  a nice shiny look.


Practice  makes perfect! Always and if you apply this logic to your life then you will not go far wrong.

Don’t forget this golden rule.

Have fun creating beautiful eyebrows and don’t be scared experimenting with it!

Stay with us for more tips and tricks.

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Tips and Tricks for Smokey Eye Look.

Steps :

Step 1- Cleansing – we are using the LAQUA tonic

Step 2- For a healthy glowing, dewy skin will use the Kryolan Vitacolor foundation and blend it with a sponge.

Step 3-IMG_1073bbb Our models undertones are warm to correct it will use a yellow corrector.

Step 4- Contouring and highlighting with Kryolan Supracolors.

Step 5- Set the foundation with white translucent powder.

Step 6 Define and fill in the eyebrows with dark brown eye shadow.

Step 7- Apply a base colour on the entire eyelid.

Step 8- Contour the upper lash line with black eye shadow

Step 9- For a perfect smokey look smudge the contours with dark brown eye shadow and define the crease lineStep 10 Apply a white gold highlighter under the eyebrows

Step 11- Define the bottom lash line with black eye shadow and smudge it

Step 12- For the absolute glamorous look apply micro pigments on the lid

Step 13-  Mascara on the bottom lash line

Step 14 – Apply the blush and highlighter

Step 15 – Lipstick application