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Congratulations to Our Student who just completed The Silver Make Up Course.

We are so proud of our Leila who progressed so much in her 5 days with us. She achieved An International Certificate and 3 amazing images for her Portfolio which is all included as part of the Makeup  Course. We have our sister company , YH Studios DXB who are always very involved with the students explaining just how the lights react with make up. Media Make Up is  completely diffrent makeup just for events, parting or just going out.

This is the great advantage that having a professional photography studio as part of the package. The students on the courses gain such a great advantage as they understand and can apply all the tips and techniques to their working life once they leave the comfort of our Institute.

We are like a family here with knowledge and experience to share!

Just look at the images that Leila left The Lipstick Makeup Institute with. I am very proud of her achievements.

There are so many makeup Artists who do not have any professional images. Com e and join us and get the best of everything!



Platinum International Media makeup Diploma Course starting 6th March 2016

Ladies come and join the best International Media makeup course in Dubai. you will leave with an International Diploma that is recognised all over the world!

Its 6 weeks of the most amazing, interesting and creative techniques that you never thought existed.

You will also have the rare opportunity to work within TLMI’s sister company YH Studios and you will leave with a full professional portfolio.

This is a new and rare chance that is offered to individuals or groups who want to become the best makeup artists around.

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