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Makeup for blue eyes

We would say its easy when it comes to the light eye colour.

If you have blue eyes be sure to use the right colours to bring out the eyes more  and make you look fresh and glowing.

In case you are  using the wrong  colours,  your eyes can look tired and the purpose of using makeup  is to enhance our beauty so its time to talk about the  colours to enhance your eyes.

Blue eyes and neutrals as on the green eyes always looks good.

The darker the colour the eyes will look more dramatic when it comes to the eye colour.

Strong dark grey or black contours can make you look the drama queen of the night in a gorgeous edition.

Don’t go over the top, make sure that your are using your blending brush enough and not leaving harsh lines in your eye makeup.



You like it more natural?

You can’t go wrong with some cream and brown colours with a dash of dark brown or black in the outer corner of he eye.



Dark blue or dark grey can look awesome on the blue eyes


Don’t forget the colour wheel  and our complimentary colours if you want to enhance your blue eyes even more.

Oranges, copper and peach… work perfectly on blue eyes will make the colour really vibrant.


Lets put all these infos together and check the colours we can apply for the  blue eyes:







-dark blue

-dark brown




Now we have all the colours together so we can start experimenting.

Good luck ladies


Don’t forget  to visit us tomorrow as we will talk about the most universal eye colour… the brown eyes