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Powder, cream or liquid

Whoever said choice was a good thing probably wasn’t a woman trying to find the right foundation. Years ago we just grabbed a bottle of beige cream and called it good, but now we have so many options to choose from, including liquids, powders, sticks, pressed powders, and of course the new mineral powders. How are we ever to pick the right one?

We’ve collected a bit of information here to help narrow it down for you. As a basic rule: oily skin types should go for more powder and matte formulas, whereas normal to dry can use more oil-based options. If your skin is  dry and dehydrated liquids works the best. Here are the foundations, and when it’s best to use each one.

Liquid: The most popular option, liquids have been around for a long time and continue to be favorites because they’re so flexible and natural-looking. Oil-based formulas are best for dry to normal skin, and water-based formulas are better for those with oily skin. Liquids also work well in color combinations, if you’re into making your own shades by mixing two or more colors. Be careful of the long-wearing, smudgeproof versions. Though they may stay on longer, they typically have waxy and oily ingredients that can cause skin irritation or breakouts. (In humid conditions, though, they can be lifesavers.) Oil-free options or matte finish brands are best for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Ultra-mattes can also be good for oily types, but tend to leave the skin dry and taut.

Ultra Fluid Foundation 9130-500x500


Cream: Cream foundation is a good choice for those with dry or mature skin. It provides medium to heavy coverage, and helps skin look soft and smooth.


Sticks: These foundations come in solid form and have more of a drying effect, which may make them best for those with oily skin. They are also good for covering scars and flaws, and for creating more coverage. These are often used in photography sessions, but for everyday use, you may find them too heavy and thick-feeling.



Powder: Similar to pressed powder, loose-powder foundations help control shine. However, they can be too drying. All but the most oily skin types may want to use these for touch-ups only. They also work well when you’re in a hurry, and can be great options for young girls just starting out on makeup as they’re light and easy to apply.



Tip of the day: use  translucent powder to set your foundation to get a beautiful and matte finish.


Don’t forget to visit our blog tomorrow to read about setting your foundation and face powders.


How to get that healthy glowing skin

No perfect makeup without a beautiful skin.

This week we will give you useful tips and tricks how to take care of your skin and how to prepare it for the summer time.

Lets start with some basic facts about keeping our skin healthy:

  1. Water is one of the most important substances when it comes to a healthy skin, have at least 8 glasses per day.
  2. Vitamins are essential to give a glow and fresh appearance to ouruntitled


3.Dont stress too much! The stress destroys not only the skin but our body also.

4.Sleep at least 7 hours a day

Beautiful young sleeping woman seeing sweet dreams

5. Try to avoid smoking and alcohol. They are not only harmful on our skin but the whole body.


6.Don’t forget to clean your skin before sleeping and apply your night cream.


7.Pay attention for removing your eye makeup properly especially the mascara

8.Depending of your skin type use a face scrub once or twice a month to remove the dead skin.

9.Before buying a moisturiser cream consult with a professional to choose the right cream fryer skin.

10…and finally be happy and laugh a lot. Happiness is giving us a beautiful look and the smile is the best makeup a woman can have.

Mixed race woman looking down and smiling