Students Work

Students Work

Naomi Rose-Bell

Completed The Platinum Course Here is the portfolio of a student, "Naomi Rose-Bell who came from the UK to do the course" During her course Naomi covered every aspect of make up from the Traditional Red Carpet Looks to pushing the boundaries of make up and using make up like she never could imagine and the results are outstanding. Being a partner company to a photography studio, Naomi was privileged like every other student of being able to take advantage of working with the photographers in the studio and on location shoots giving her leaves the course with an amazing array of photographs for her portfolio that display the range and depth of her talents showing any perspective client that her skills go far and beyond simple make up and anything they require then she has the talent and knowledge to give them exactly what they imagine. We at, “lipstick” do our utmost to teach our students more than they could ever imagine and push make up to the limits as you can see in Naomi’s portfolio.


Completed Gold Make Up Course Hi Here are the samples of a student that has just finished the Gold Course. Her name is Vishva. She came from Mumbai, India especially to do the course with us. She researched all the Institutes and schools in Dubai and decided that we were the best to teach her because of the quality of our work, the added advantage of leaving with a professional portfolio, the atmosphere of the Institute, the friendliness of the staff, basically we had the whole package. Vishnu has her own salon in India but wanted to upgrade her skills and learn new techniques that are not available in India. She now also has amazing photographs, of her own work to decorate the walls of her salon.

Laila Khan

Completed The Silver Makeup Course Another amazing and talented student stepped out from the studio with her International Certificate after completing. The Silver Makeup Course in Classical Glamorous Looks. Laila Khan is originally from Morocco living in Dubai. Her main aim was to study makeup as she is opening a Spa and Beauty Salon in India. I would definitely suggest this to any salon owners, to learn more about the services that they will be or are providing in order for them to have a better understanding of the whole business. This is a wonderful thing to do. As an owner you definitely want to know what your employees doing and also to have more knowledge about the services you are offering even just so you can monitor what your staff are doing and more importantly you can converse with your clients. Laila was a very talented, patient and wanted to learn as much she could for these 5 days. It was really a pleasure to work with her. Our focus was on glamorous looks and Asian Bridal Makeup looks. Bright and shiny colours, beautifully blended eye makeup and perfectly applied foundation were the main characteristics of her portfolio work. As you will see by the images of her portfolio we really created a great Asian glamour look feeling on all the pictures. She finished her 5 days course with an excellent grade and wonderful grade in her exam.


Completed Bronze Media Make Up Course Armani was a fabulous student who joined to complete the Bronze Media Make Up Course. Even though there was a language barrier as we did not speak Arabic and she did not speak English. This was no a problem an did not hinder her amazing progress. Armani is from Morocco and we were delighted that she chose The Lipstick make Up institute to be her mentors. On the last day of her course we also took Armani to be a apart of the Lipstick Team and participated in the Haute Couture Fashion Show, arranged by Velvet Magazine at The Versace Hotel where we did all the hair and make up for the models. It was an extreme high to end her course on. We always involve our students in the events that we do. Once they leave the Institute they are certainly not forgotten they are a part of our Lipstick Family.