Makeup Concept

Makeup Concept

So lets talk today about makeup concept. As a makeup artist you have to understand that before you’ve started to create your beauty look you should clearly understand what exactly you are going to do. 

Firstly, you need to chose specific type of makeup. Secondary, you have to prepare all required makeup products & tools. Thirdly, you should find model with most close face figures for it. 

Choosing a makeup look 

First of all, Makeup Artist is an Artist. What does it mean? That’s mean that face is your blank canvas and makeup products are your paints.  When MUAs choosing their looks they always have to follow their feeling and mood. Each and everyone from makeup artists has their own touch. That’s a unique and spectacular thing that identify them from others. 

International Platinum Media Makeup Course

The Lipstick Makeup Institute has an honour to be the award winning academy of makeup in GCC. 

Why? Because we are unique, we are the best and we love what we are doing. Our students getting the chance to work with professional models, celebrities and real clients to create amazing works of art while they building their portfolios.

Groups for this 6 weeks course are having limited seats. Maximum 6 students per group, because we want to make sure that each of the students getting  100% cover.  

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