Last week of the makeup course

Last week of the  makeup course

Today started the last week of the International Platinum Media Makeup course for our students. During this week they are learning special effects makeup. From our previous blogs you can find out how exactly it’s looks like.

Some works of our students you can check by following the link below:

Firstly, students creating the concept of the looks that they will create on the models. Secondary, preparing all required special effects products that they will use Thirdly, getting ready clothes and hairstyle ideas to complete their works. 


As all of you already know, The Lipstick Makeup Institute provides 100% cover for their students : makeup products, models, hair styling tools.  


Couple of days during the course are specifically concentrated on hairstyling techniques. 

Also we have a wonderful news for you. Recently we’ve started a new HAIRSTYLING COURSE. So from now and on each of you, doesn’t matter if you are professional or just beginner, you can learn how to style, blow dry and create wedding hairstyle looks.

The Lipstick Makeup Institute giving HUGE DISCOUNT on Professional Makeup Course.

Don’t miss such a great opportunity as only few days left. Seats are limited, maximum 6 students in a group. Next course starts on 20th of September. 

Are you feeling exited? Are you dreaming to become a professional Makeup Artist? What are you waiting for?

All our graduates get a chance to work with us in amazing projects which you won’t find anywhere else.

Please feel free to contact us via phone call, email or WhatsApp. We are here for you. We’ll always advice you.  We’ll find the best option  for you. 

Contact number & WhatsApp: +971 52 8497972

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We are wishing you a lovely day.